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An interview with my friend Kai, on his favourite DMT experiences

Disclaimer: Psychedelics are largely illegal substances across the world, and we do not encourage or condone their use where it is against the law. However, we accept that illicit drug use occurs and believe that offering responsible harm reduction information is imperative to keeping people safe. For that reason, this article is designed to enhance the safety of those who decide to use these substances. Psychedelics at the very least should be respected. For the best guidance, consider seeking out legal psychedelic therapy centres. Author: Resident Writer, Alexander Allen. Greetings, fellow seekers of the extraordinary! I'm here with a good friend of mine, having a conversation about my friends most memorable DMT trip. As Kai Noface (His surname has been changed for privacy purposes) delved into the mysterious depths of the DMT realm, he found himself hurtling through a kaleidoscope of colours and shapes, leaving behind the familiar world of the West Midlands plus earth, and physics as we know it. Today, we embark on an unparalleled odyssey through this enigmatic realm, guided by none other than Kai himself - a West Midlands man born and bred, whose intrepid spirit has led him to probe the very essence of consciousness through the medium of psychedelics. I'm Alexander Allen, your host, and it is with great enthusiasm that I present to you Kai's mad accounts of journeys that transcend the boundaries of our experience.

Side note: By the way, this is my very first time hosting an interview and this style of writing is very new to me. Looking back, I wish I had pushed harder with follow up questions. I have sent him a list of said follow up questions, and will update this post, so if you're interested, please do check back in a week, it will be much more thorough).

DMT interview

Alexander Allen: Kai, it's an absolute pleasure to have you here. Have a bit of that. (I pass him the J). Before we delve into the vivid landscapes of the DMT realm, could you share with our readers a bit about your background with psychedelics?

Kai: Of course, mate. I'm just a bloke from West Midlands (Alex: or somewhere close, we'll keep that a mystery) always been fascinated by tripping out. My first real trip was on some crazy looking green E's way back when I was about 19, which is another story itself but these days truly its only DMT that excites me. Anyone that's done it and broken through

already will understand why - and I want to say now it isn't for people that do not already have a strong mind. It is something you don't fuck about with. Oh and especially don't even think about it till your 25. Let your brain fucking develop, kids! (Alex: Yes I'd like to add here that all experiences in this conversation took place abroad. DMT is illegal in the UK and Northern America).

joe rogan interview dmt

Alexander Allen: What does taking DMT feel like in your words?

Kai: There are not enough words in the dictionary to explain what it's like even without breaking through. It's like strapping yourself to a rocket headed for another realm that is completely unrecognisable.

Think about that. Unrecognisable. I was just in another reality. The laws of physics are gone. The room dissolved into fractals, like I was inside a living, breathing kaleidoscope. It happens fast. The colours... they were beyond any palette you could imagine. Colours I had never seen - the weird thing about that is I can no longer picture them.

The things you see can be humanoid, at least for me. On sub-breakthrough or breakthrough in lower doses I guess you might say, the beings I found are exclusively created from geometric patterns. Higher doses however, they start becoming more humanoid. Often faceless, but there is this one entity of woman form that looks almost like a real woman, except her skin might be possibly a greenish sort of colour that I can't remember.

Once I'm back, I lose the colour in my memory somehow within a couple minutes - it's weird as fuck. I felt like I'd left Earth behind, venturing into a realm untouched by humans. Honestly I do believe it's where we all go once we die. Let me tell you, DMT provides the most shocking experience. It will change the way you think about absolutely everything around you.

Alexander Allen: How many entities have you met? (I just had smoke go down the wrong hole here and the conversation stops for some time - isn't it the worst feeling ever!). Did you feel they were all friendly?

Kai: I've met 5 out of maybe 20 or so trips. Some beings made of light. I've seen a clown looking geometric dude who seemed surprised I was there every time. I haven't met the Serpent which I hope to do one day. I reckon I'll find him when I die. Really each time I've met one it felt like they were showing me a reality that exists beyond ours.

Alexander Allen: I haven't met a Serpent either. Can you share one of the most memorable encounters you've had?

Kai: There's one trip in particular that has had the best effect on me - although they all have in a big way. I met someone that I just knew, deep down, was my brother who passed away in 2014. He told me he missed me and that I was going to see him again.

I had this warm feeling that's hard to put into words but it got stronger and stronger and ended up feeling like it was coming from my own mind. I felt like I was in some kind of network. I could feel things that were not me. Everything around me suddenly felt like we were upside down somehow. He kind of wrapped me up in himself like he was a blanket of sorts. It's annoying trying to explain it because I just don't have the words. We communicated through what I can only describe as waves of emotion, transcending language.

I felt completely and utterly at ease. Not excited or happy, just.. at peace I guess you would say. I felt like he was connected to me somehow. Everything suddenly started feeling very familiar all of a sudden. It has led me to believe that this is where we go when we die.

The mad thing is I took DMT the time I found my brother not knowing that we release a natural form of it when we die. I didn't know that when I took it. I didn't know that when I found my brother. I found that out well after. That fact just cemented it even more. DMT is the afterlife. Or its the other way around. This is the place that all religions lead. I'm sure of it.

dmt interview and writing

Alexander Allen: What would your advice be to anyone thinking of taking DMT?

Kai: The number one word of the day is RESPECT - put that in caps. This ain't your run-of-the-mill weekend bit of buzz, it ain't Charlie. It's not like taking magic mushrooms, not LSD or anything else you could imagine. Approach it with respect, do your homework. Don't even think about it till you're at least 25 years of age. Let your brain develop and mature properly first. That one I cannot say enough. Do not fuck about with psychedelics when you are young. Trust me it will serve you well later in life, and my advice might save you a life of misery. Make sure your mind's in the right place when you do it, and you're with people you feel comfortable with and trust not to act like an idiot. The transition to this space is not to be taken lightly, and having a guide can be the difference between a transformative experience and a terrifyingly chaotic one that can have lasting negative effects if you are not prepared.

Also, remember the importance of talking out your experience afterward. You will regret not having a friend there with you straight away trust me. Make sure it is somebody you have a close relationship with, and preferably somebody with trip-sitting experience. Talking of having a friend, I also wouldn't advise doing it alone. (Alex: The reason he says not to do it alone is because a guy we know set himself on fire taking Salvia on his own. Be safe, don't be a complete dickhead).

Alexander Allen: Thank you so much for sharing your insights and experiences with us today. It's been an absolute pleasure having you!

Kai: No doubt!


Legal Disclaimer: The experiences shared in this blog are personal and may not reflect the experiences of others. Psychedelic substances should be approached with caution and in accordance with legal regulations in your jurisdiction. Always consult with a qualified professional before engaging in psychedelic experiences.

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Sep 20, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I want to hear more details about his bro what did he look like?

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