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DMT slang terms explained. Who was that entity?

Disclaimer: Psychedelics are largely illegal substances across the world, and we do not encourage or condone their use where it is against the law. However, we accept that illicit drug use occurs and believe that offering responsible harm reduction information is imperative to keeping people safe. For that reason, this article is designed to enhance the safety of those who decide to use these substances. Psychedelics at the very least should be respected. For the best guidance, consider seeking out legal psychedelic therapy centres. Author: Resident Writer, Alexander Allen.

DMT slang terms explained. Who was that entity?

We're putting together an ever-expanding compilation of the various words and terms used by DMT explorers to describe its uses, the DMT world and widely reported entities. Want to add to the list? Leave a comment!

DMT Terms Explained & DMT Entity Identification

A unique form of informal language and idiom used within the context of DMT experiences. Not to be confused with Spice, the synthetic 'cannabis' drug. This distinct vocabulary i s characterized by its metaphorical, playful, and vivid expressions. It often involves deliberate misspellings of words to create a sense of camaraderie within the in-group (e.g., "smoalk" for smoke and "moar" for more). However, it's essential to note that this terminology is continually evolving, which can occasionally lead to confusion among those not initiated into the culture.

Acute Acceleration

Acute acceleration refers to a phenomenon that occurs when the body and mind rapidly shift in any direction during a Spice experience. This shift leaves individuals in a profoundly altered state compared to their previous condition. It often accompanies the feeling of approaching a breakthrough, marked by a rising and accelerating vibration felt throughout the entire body. This sensation signifies the traveller's journey into the depths of Hyperspace. (See also "Carrier wave.")

The Akashic Book

The Akashic Book is a mysterious repository of profound knowledge. This otherworldly book is written in a language that cannot be deciphered conventionally but is deeply understood by those who encounter it. During the experience, the Akashic Book tends to materialize and disappear intermittently. At times, it overlaps with a physical book, revealing layers of meaning beyond the ordinary. (See also "Superposition.")

Astral Adventures

Astral projection/travel involves the remarkable experience of journeying to different places and meeting other beings on an astral plane. During this phenomenon, the physical or ethereal body remains behind, while the astral body and consciousness explore new realms. Those visited by the traveller often report encountering them in dreams or sensing their presence. In some instances, even intimate encounters are possible, with both parties confirming the experience afterward.

Audio Transformations

Audio windup/windout is a perceptual shift that occurs towards the end of a Spice experience. As entities depart from the traveller's perceptual field, their communication undergoes a significant change. What was once understandable, such as 'telepathic' speech, transforms into a "winding-up sound." This sound closely resembles audio feedback, steadily increasing in intensity until it culminates in a buzzing sound before vanishing entirely. The resulting sound is often resonant, akin to the chiming of bells.


Audioplasticity denotes a synesthetic experience in which sounds and words become intricately entangled within hallucinations. This phenomenon distorts the perception of time, transmuting auditory sensations into a complex experience that resonates across all the senses, affecting the traveller at their core.

For instance, imagine the word "wow" stretched and split into countless "wow's," each with perfect audio clarity, only to watch as these "wow's" disappear into their own distinct cells, reminiscent of Alex Grey's "dying" artwork.

Decoding Bifurcations

Bifurcations are a fascinating occurrence where a single point or concept divides into two separate paths or potentials. This division is often experienced visually and conceptually, and it may lead to a recursive branching, creating an infinite number of branches.

The Breakthrough Experience

Breakthrough is the state reached by travellers after ingesting a breakthrough dose of DMT. It represents a singularity beyond the boundaries of life, death, time, and known dimensions. It is inherently synesthetic, characterized by sharp edges, highly polished surfaces, crystalline structures, fractal patterns, and a profound sense of high energy and vibration. Some travellers find it oddly familiar, akin to a place they may have existed before birth and will return to after death.

Candyland and Legoland


A visual phenomenon experienced during a Spice journey. It transforms the observer's reality into a pristine, enchanting, open-eyed world. This altered state often evokes a sense of childlike wonder, as if reality itself were a colourful, cartoonish playground made of candy. It's a place where imagination reigns supreme.


On the other hand, is another reality often experienced within Hyperspace. This realm appears to be constructed entirely of distinct Lego bricks, each one detachable and colourful. In Legoland, objects and entities undergo constant reconstruction and remodelling. The vibrations within this space can even give the impression that everything might disassemble at any moment.

Unveiling the Carrier Wave

Carrier wave is an auditory sensation often encountered shortly after launching into a Spice experience. Travelers describe hearing a ringing tone or vibration, similar to a carrier wave. This vibration seems to permeate every cell of the body and is accompanied by a sense of dissolution of the current environment. It may also be a perceptual artefact resulting from the elevation of one's vibratory rate, enabling access to Hyperspace. This sound is typically high-pitched, akin to a dog whistle, and may vary in intensity and pitch, resembling a siren. The Central Light

Central Light

Serves as an overwhelming source of illumination that supersedes all other sensations and perceptions during a Spice journey. This light is often perceived in a kinesioöptic manner, radiating an intense, sun-like brightness. Some travellers attribute intelligence to this light, considering it a primal, ontological axis of Hyperspace. It is likened to the divine or ultimate being within various religious paradigms. (See also "End of the Line.")


CEV (Closed Eye Visuals) are visual hallucinations that occur when one's eyes are closed or in complete darkness. These closed-eye visuals are a common occurrence during entheogenic journeys.

OEV (Open Eye Visuals)

Conversely, refer to visual hallucinations that manifest when one's eyes are open, even under normal lighting conditions. Their abundance often indicates a particularly potent journey, especially when using orally administered entheogens. On smoalked spice, OEVs are almost always present. (See also "CEV.") Navigating Hyperspace Lingo

Understanding Eschatothesia

Eschatothesia is a term formed by combining "eschaton" (signifying the end of an aeon) and "esthesia" (pertaining to sensory perception). It refers to the perception of a future attractor toward which a dynamic system evolves over time. In this state, future events cast shadows into the past, leading to sensations, feelings, and visions. Eschatothesia doesn't necessarily signify the absolute end of time but may instead suggest a significant upcoming event that will reshape the future.

The Power of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a vital element in safeguarding against the 'Dark Arts' within Hyperspace. It begins with self-forgiveness and extends to forgiving everything that exists. By genuinely forgiving, one can often shield themselves from encountering darkness.

Hyperspace Insights

Hyperspace Fool is a term used humorously to describe someone navigating Hyperspace with curiosity and wonder.

The Gift of Presents

During a Spice journey, entities may present travellers with various gifts or offerings. These gifts can take the form of intricate sculptures, orbs, Fabergé eggs from Mars, extraterrestrial symbols, or enigmatic glyphs. The significance of these gifts often eludes comprehension.

The Godsmack Effect

Godsmack refers to the unexpectedly intense effects of DMT, particularly when smoking the resin from a heavily used pipe. This potent experience may be attributed to the presence of DMT N-Oxide or "jungle spice" buildup in the bowl, creating the sensation that a divine force has profoundly impacted the individual.

Unveiling Hyperreality

Hyperreal experiences in Hyperspace involve a heightened perception of reality, where the individual becomes convinced that the experience is more real than their entire life in consensus reality.

The Hyperspace Lesson

Hyperslap describes a potentially traumatic and dark trip experienced as a consequence of not integrating previous lessons or using extremely high doses of DMT recklessly.

A Gateway to Hyperspace


The realm one accesses during a DMT breakthrough. It defies conventional boundaries, offering a space where the impossible becomes possible, and intense geometric patterns, colours, emotions, and a hyperreal feeling abound.

The In-Between Realm

Before breaking into Hyperspace, travellers often find themselves in an In-Between state. Here, they have left their ordinary reality behind but have not yet reached the other side. This transitional phase may involve heightened bodily awareness or reflections on daily challenges, which, when embraced, can serve as a portal to Hyperspace.

The Quirky Jimjam

Jimjam refers to a gooey, sticky substance found in Hyperspace, capable of transforming into anything imaginable. This multicolored and delectable matter fuels creative experiences. Occasionally, it's also used to describe the resulting product of an extraction from Mimosa Hostilis using limonene as a non-polar solvent. (See also "Jungle Spice.")

Exploring Jungle Spice

Jungle Spice

Often used to describe a darker type of spice with hues ranging from yellow to reddish. Specifically, it refers to a broad-spectrum extraction product from Mimosa Hostilis that may contain other psychoactive alkaloids from the plant, in addition to N,N-DMT. The Beauty of Kalonkinesioöptic


Denotes a transcendent experience where the Central Light in Hyperspace communicates the ultimate beauty, profoundly impacting the traveller. A World of Kinesioöptic Perception


Experiences involve the rewiring of sensory perception, enabling the body to perceive light. During such moments, the body may dissolve into the experience, leaving only the sense of light.

Initiating the Launch

Launch signifies the act of consuming a breakthrough dose of Spice, launching one's awareness into the uncharted territory of Hyperspace.

The Lego-Like Legoland

Legoland is a unique reality encountered within Hyperspace, where everything appears to be constructed from detachable, colourful Lego bricks. Objects and beings within this space are in a constant state of reconstruction and remodelling.

Escaping the Loop

Being Stuck in a Loop refers to a mental state where one's thoughts or experiences seem to endlessly repeat, creating a sense of being trapped.

The Power of Love

Love is a transformative and protective force within Hyperspace. It involves giving love to oneself and others and radiating love both internally and externally. It's considered a powerful tool for navigating the psychedelic journey, alongside forgiveness. The Blissful Lumenorgasmic State


Describes an orgasmic experience that accompanies the kinesioöptic perception of the Central Light in Hyperspace.

Navigating Mangotanglement


Refers to the entanglement of organic matter and light grids in Hyperspace. Often, these manifestations pulsate in multidimensional waves. Mastering the Mental Backflip

Mental Backflip

A technique used to regain control during a challenging trip. It involves detaching from the stream of thought and becoming an observer, ultimately leading to a more confident and controlled state of mind. Mirroring Time


Signifies a DMT journey that appears to reverse in time near its conclusion. Opening Eyes to OEV and CEV

OEV (Open Eye Visuals) and CEV (Closed Eye Visuals)

Represent two distinct types of visual hallucinations. OEVs occur with open eyes in normal lighting conditions, while CEVs are experienced with eyes closed or in complete darkness. Both types play a significant role in the Spice experience.

These explanations provide a comprehensive understanding of Spice slang and the unique terminology associated with Hyperspace journeys.


When entering hyperspace for the first time or delving into deeper levels of hyperspace, individuals may experience a "psychedelic shock." This shock shatters their existing paradigms and worldviews, rendering them ineffective in these new realms. Travelers often find themselves empty-handed, confronted by the fragments of what they once believed to be truth.

In these initial moments, the experience may seem traumatic, as travellers struggle to process what they are encountering, leading to a sense of overwhelmingness. However, as travellers develop inner concentration and a sense of firmness while exploring these deeper truths, the psychedelic shock can transform into a liberating experience. Paradoxically, the trauma-like effect stems from an encounter with Plato's notion of absolute truth, beauty, and love.

See also: Kalonkinesioöptic.

The intensity and depth of this experience surpass that of mere "mind-blowing," and the term "disturbing" fails to capture the insight and beauty that accompanies it. The word "Ontoseismic" itself combines "ontos" (Greek for "being") and "seismos" (earthquake), derived from "seiein" (Greek for "to shake").

Planck Time

Planck Time represents the smallest unit of time that can be mathematically described. When one feels time compressing into increasingly smaller units, they are approaching Planck Time. Upon reaching it, the sensation is akin to time "stopping" or being ejected from time itself.

See also Time Travel.


Plasmatis refers to the multicoloured, ever-shifting gel-like substance that adorns the space surrounding everything in the land of the elves.

See also Jimjam.

Pre-flight Anxiety

Pre-flight anxiety is the fear or apprehension experienced just before launching into hyperspace. The act of entering hyperspace is a highly intense and powerful moment, often leading to feelings of fear or apprehension. In the DMT community, this is known as "pre-flight anxiety." Many individuals report that this anxiety tends to diminish shortly after entering hyperspace or upon returning from it.

It is akin to the "little brother" of Eschatothesia.


A psychonaut is an individual who explores altered states of consciousness, particularly through the use of entheogens.

See also Traveller.

Dimensional Rift

A dimensional rift is a visual and spatial anomaly that allows a traveller to experience two separate realities or scenes simultaneously. As depicted in artwork by Viperoid, it appears as a dividing line or rift that enters one's perception, enabling the simultaneous perception of two different dimensions or scenes on either side of the rift. The rift often takes on the appearance of a white static line but is composed of intricate folding shapes or "Jimjam."


"Schnörkel" serves as both a noun (singular and plural) and an adjective ("Verschnörkelt") or verb ("Schnörkeln"). It refers to the various spirals, ornate decorations, and filigree that embellish hyperspatial environments, objects, doorways, balustrades, textiles, and virtually anything that can be adorned. These decorations are not static but are continuously designed and redesigned in real-time by travellers, denizens of Hyperspace, or even by the objects themselves.

Shadow Exaggeration

Shadow exaggeration occurs when shadows appear larger than usual.


A "shut-out" is the occasional experience where hyperspace seems inaccessible. Even when administered at relatively high doses and properly, hyperspace may remain closed to the traveler. Attempting to force entry in such situations can lead to a "hyperslap."


"Smoalk" is slang for the word "smoke," specifically in the context of smoking spice (DMT). The term originates from the fact that DMT is an alkaloid, and thus, "smoke" and "alkaloid" combine to form "smoalk."

The Spice

"The Spice" is a commonly used nickname for N,N-DMT, but it has also come to describe impure plant extracts and related alkaloids. It should not be confused with "Pep-Spice" (sometimes shortened to "Spice"), which refers to K2, a synthetic cannabinoid agonist that was sold as a legal alternative to marijuana at one point.

"The spice extends life. The spice expands consciousness."

  • Frank Herbert, Dune

SPO (Static Pattern Overlay)

SPO stands for "Static Pattern Overlay." It refers to uniform or random surfaces that exhibit clearly visible patterns, often of a nonfigurative nature. SPOs can evoke images of arabesques, ancient Mexican stone carvings, Egyptian hieroglyphs, plants, animals, and faces. These patterns are often highly convincing and difficult to distinguish from conventional consensus reality.


To be completed.


In a state of "superposition," a normal object, such as a book, a piece of paper, individuals, paintings, or written notes, acquires seemingly "magical" properties. These objects appear to move and change position when unobserved, defying Newtonian laws. Superposition suggests that these objects transition from our conventional reality to a multidimensional state where they are influenced more by meaning and intention than by physical laws.

The term "superposition" is borrowed from the field of quantum mechanics.

Soul Surgery

"Soul surgery" refers to a recurring theme in deep entheogenic journeys, where travellers experience partial disassembly and manipulation by otherworldly "doctors" or machinery. These experiences can vary from positive, involving care and healing, to unsettling, resembling clinical or sci-fi themes. There is a notable parallel between these visions and reports of alien abductions in shamanic cultures, where spirits replace organs and bones with gems during initiation.


To be completed.


The term "SWIM" is an acronym for "someone who isn't me." It is used as a substitute for the first-person pronoun, typically to refer to oneself in online drug and psychedelic discussions. The belief, albeit mistaken, was that using "SWIM" would provide legal protection in case of criminal investigations and trials related to online activity. It's worth noting that the use of "SWIM" is generally discouraged in contemporary psychedelic communities, but it may still appear in older posts and materials.


Time Travel

Time travel in the context described involves a departure from the normal flow of time into an area where time is eternal. Travelers can then navigate to specific points in the timeline, re-experience those moments, and potentially resolve unfinished business. Another form of time travel involves revisiting previous mindsets, thought patterns, and detailed short-term memories, often from early childhood, which had been forgotten. These rediscoveries are typically positive emotional experiences, akin to finding long-lost treasures.

See also Planck Time.


A "traveller" is a person who explores hyperspace through the use of the Spice (DMT). It can also refer to an important founding member and administrator of the Nexus, known as "The Traveller."

See also Psychonaut.

The Throat Marble

"The Throat Marble" is a symptom that some individuals may experience while visiting hyperspace. It entails the sensation of not needing to breathe or the feeling of a rolling ball trapped in the back of one's throat.

The Void

"The Void" represents a state or place of nothingness.

The 'Lesser' Entities

In the realm of altered states and lucid dreams, a tapestry of enigmatic entities unfolds. These beings, each with their unique characteristics and roles, have left an indelible mark on the narrator's psyche. What follows is a journey through these lesser beings, illuminating their diverse personalities and the profound lessons they've imparted.

The Guide

Presenting itself as a benevolent teacher, The Guide played a pivotal role in the narrator's life. Offering valuable lessons and even ushering them into hyperspace, this entity served as a steadfast companion, even in waking moments.

The Dream Teacher

A powerful, shape-shifting figure, The Dream Teacher appeared exclusively in lucid dreams. Initially a fiendish trickster, this entity evolved into a more friendly mentor who possessed great wisdom, speaking in myriad languages and challenging the narrator's intellect.

The Director

Responsible for creating and directing allegorical visions, The Director's intelligence was initially concealed. As the narrator's awareness grew, they engaged in conversations within the visions, revealing their eccentric yet friendly personality through visual metaphors and telepathic communication.

The Conductor

Music often played a central role in the narrator's experiences, thanks to The Conductor. This entity orchestrated intricate soundtracks that conveyed emotions, thoughts, and abstract sensations, forming a unique, ineffable language.

The Tormentor

A nefarious predator in the realm of lucid dreams, The Tormentor relentlessly chased and intimidated the narrator. With a shadowy appearance and imposing aura, this entity sought to thwart the narrator's curiosity, although ultimately their power waned.

The Human Spirits

Appearing as peers, The Human Spirits subtly influenced the narrator's thoughts and character traits through social psychology and peer pressure. Initially perceived as human, their attempts at mimicking children sometimes came across as eerie and unnatural.

The Straw Men

These characters served as examples of what not to do, often representing negative traits or fallacies. Lessons were imparted through transparent ad hominem or straw man fallacies, emphasizing the importance of discernment.

The Faceless Goons

Acting as adversaries, the Faceless Goons appeared in groups and exhibited a level of authority. Their role remained mysterious, possibly involving herding or combat training, and later they were revealed to be interconnected with other benevolent entities.

The Theatre Troupe

A subset of the lesser beings, the Theatre Troupe engaged in theatrical performances within dreamlike environments. These performances conveyed symbolic messages and featured eccentric, otherworldly characters, emphasizing the narrator's role as a passive observer.

The Strange Visitors: Unusual beings from another world, The Strange Visitors emphasized the importance of respecting other cultures and aesthetics. With unconventional movements and cultural customs, they reinforced humility and deference

The Succubus Twins

Though initially appearing as friendly and flirtatious young women, the Succubus Twins had a hidden, malevolent side. Their true nature, revealed as withered crones, involved attempting to drain the narrator's energy and feed upon them.

The Imps

Impish beings, described as spastic, hyper, and childishly playful, inhabit hyperspace. At first, they appear friendly, creatively whimsical, and seemingly benign. However, their true nature is dark, sadistic, and highly intelligent. These entities thrive on entertainment and often manipulate the experiencer, playing with them like a toy. Their speech alternates between child-like and snarky, revealing a complex personality. They are somewhat akin to the Machine Elves, although not identical.

Interactions with the Imps seem to disregard the "lessons" of hyperspace, suggesting their primary motivation is amusement. They occasionally interfere with other entities or distract the experiencer. The Imps' true appearance remains elusive, masked behind playful illusions and distinct abstract presences.

The Greater Beings

The Cosmic Horrors: This category includes some of the most terrifying entities encountered. Initially distanced from lesser beings, these Cosmic Horrors operate as a sort of "black ops" within the hierarchy of hyperspace entities, wielding special powers and authority. Their formidable control over the experiencer is overwhelming, often leading to nightmarish encounters. While some lesser beings resent their power, they eventually admit their association with the Cosmic Horrors.

The Bride of the Devil

Appearing as a tall, beautiful woman, the Bride of the Devil exudes vanity and condescension. Her voice is sweet but carries dark undertones. In one encounter, she implants a mysterious object within the experiencer, possibly symbolizing a binding contract. The experiencer is subjected to memories of servitude and eternal torment. Whether these memories are real or manipulative remains uncertain.

The Triad

A unique encounter involves a triad of beings, possibly a collective intelligence. These entities hover behind the experiencer, existing at the periphery of perception. Their appearance is challenging to describe, resembling floating sprites with enigmatic auras. They induce confusion and dementia, akin to possession. Cryptic chanting and symbolic imagery are part of their communication.

The Legion: This encounter portrays a formidable military force, resembling an intergalactic empire. Faceless soldiers, imposing warlords, and colossal war machines surround the experiencer. A dystopian landscape hints at their destructive power. A foreboding, militaristic soundtrack accompanies their presence. The words "WE WIN" resonate with military victory, adding a chilling dimension to the encounter.

Other Hyperspace DMT Realm Beings

This section outlines various encounters with lesser-known entities and surreal phenomena.

The Unidentified Entity

A vast and incomprehensible intelligence exists, appearing as a 3D projection of a higher-dimensional structure. Its colouring ranges from pale translucent yellow to brilliant gold. This entity defies understanding, existing beyond human comprehension.

The High Priestess

Part mythological figure and part space wizard, the High Priestess appears in elaborate white robes. She possesses magical abilities, often encountered in surreal environments. While she emanates cosmic importance, her demeanour suggests both kindness and a sense of superiority.

The Botanical Nightmare Creature

A nightmarish, semi-sentient hyperspace forest harbours grotesque plant-like creatures. Their appearance is repulsive, and they possess a mysterious intelligence. The experiencer chooses to avoid further interaction with them.

Mythological Creatures and Demigods

These encounters resemble figures from world mythology, often dismissing the experiencer's presence. The nature of these encounters raises questions about their authenticity.

The Talking Heads

The experiencer engages in conversations with disembodied faces while traveling at high speeds through various environments. These discussions delve into profound, otherworldly topics, challenging the boundaries of comprehension.

The Soul Surgeons

In a unique experience, benevolent entities seem to operate on the experiencer, addressing perceived damage and a forgotten memory. The encounter is emotionally charged, leaving a lasting impact.

The Source (???)

Two encounters with an awe-inspiring, all-encompassing entity prompt the experiencer to question its authenticity. While initially perceived as a representation of a divine source, doubts emerge, suggesting it may not be what it seemed.

The World Eaters

The vision of a formidable, insectoid race consuming entire worlds raises questions about their role and connection to other hyperspace entities. While the encounter is unsettling, its implications remain unclear.





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