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The Significance of Terpenes in Cannabis

Updated: Sep 26

Are cannabis terpenes important? My thoughts.

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Terpenes are what give your bud that smell. You know that smell. I know that smell. Hell, I sweat that smell! The smell that any weed user loves and some non-users don't want to admit they love. But did you know there are many different types of terpenes? In fact, there are over 400!

Some terpenes have citrus type aromas that remind me of sunshine, mango, and lemon trees, while some are like walking through a thick and earthy forest on a cold, frosty morning. Some bring back childhood memories and some of them are so potent I swear that they set my hayfever off every day. Even in the winter!

One that I know well is Linalool. This one always reminds me of flowers. My mum used to have this lavender spray that she would get from Avon. It was so strong, I swear, it was like eating a mothball but I know when I come across a strain that is robust with Linalool 'cause I am reminded of that spray. Apparently, it is very good for stress and meditation. And helping focus. Which might be why I find it beneficial because focus and I have never been friends!

The most commonly known terpene is called Myrcene. This is one that is actually found IN mango fruits themselves which is why eating mango about 45 minutes before a session can increase the strength and length of your high. It can also help those of you (and me) prone to the munchies as it's healthier and it helps lower blood sugar and can help fight inflammation and tumors of breast cancers patients. It really is a super fruit! Personally, I always love a can of Rubicon with a vape too!

Myrcene, like many terpenes, is both antibacterial and antifungal. Good for chronic pain and aiding sleep. It can take up to 65% of the full terpene profile of a strain and is found in kush, skunk, and widow strains. Which makes it mostly found in heavy indicas.

Several terpenes have been found beneficial to cancer patients by helping decrease nausea during chemotherapy and even by helping to kill cancer cells in tumours. Some have helped any aids and HIV positive patients maintain a healthy weight by helping to increase their appetite.

Terpenes like Limonene, Ocimene, Pinene, and Beta-caryophyllene are very uplifting ones that make you feel euphoric and happier which make them dominant in sativa strains. And unlike Indica strains - these ones will make you less stuck Indicouch! They're the ones that are more energizing (and often leave me talking absolute waffle, as you can read). Strains with haze and diesel titles are the kind of ones you're looking for if you want to try sativas.

But as there are over 400 terpenes, as I said, to list them all myself would take me years I don't have. So here is a great link I found explaining them all a lot more (and a lot better) than I can: Complete List of Terpenes and Effects

In the meantime, my own Delahaze terpenes are starting to kick in so I best go and make myself a mango smoothie, take the dog for a walk, and sit on a big hill overlooking my local town and have a toot on my Mighty+.

Have a lovely day folks!

Thanks, as always, for reading.

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