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Reflecting on Loss

Updated: Sep 26

cannabis RSO loss and cancer

Reflecting on Loss and Advocacy

Yesterday I lost a friend to cancer. It hurts me differently, I guess, because one of the last things I said to him was if he needed help sourcing any RSO (that may have helped) then just let me know. He said he'd think about it. Then I didn't hear from him again. I found out on a Facebook post he'd lost his battle. And to my knowledge he never tried the RSO. It breaks my heart to know I couldn't force him but it may have helped. If it was me, what would I have to lose? But it wasn't me. What hurts most is he was around a decade younger than me too. And that his family had already lost his older brother to the very same cancer just a few years previously.

Balancing Perspectives at a Family Celebration

I'm also writing this article at a family birthday party at a local working men's club. I've informed the landlady of my prescription in case anyone reports the smell of cannabis, so then they're legally covered... And she turned to me and just said "you should see what half the customers will be on later, if you thinks that's bad!"... Swings and roundabouts I suppose!

Dispelling Myths and Advocating for Medical Cannabis

I've had so many people ask me questions when I tell them about MC but I've heard some ridiculous statements too. For example I've had SO many people claim to me it "doesn't get you high". Folks... before turning to MC I had smoked illegally for over 20 years. SO BELIEVE ME... It gets you high. Maybe these people are confusing THC flowers with CBD flowers (again CBD is not psychoactive so no "high" is felt)... or with Spice... which was branded as a legal alternative to Cannabis. I've tried Spice ONCE. Never, ever again! I threw up so hard and so long I had full on visions of me being wheeled into A&E on a gurney. I lost control of my bodily functions I heaved so hard. (Whoever made that heathen mess has clearly NEVER tried cannabis!)

Advocating for Education and Understanding

Medical Cannabis can be traced to the very plant it grew from. Thanks to the fabulous website you can even check out the terpenes ratios and THC level of each strain. The origin of growth and price of each strain, regardless of what clinic or scheme you may be with. This is why the UK, in particular, needs more education and understanding of this miracle medication. For too long we have been shackled to a belief it makes everyone mad or a lay-out etc. etc. etc. Many of the world's most hard working celebrities have admitted using cannabis including politicians, actors, musicians and some of the world's athletes have confessed to be regular users and still this belief that pot makes you lazy, or an addict allows too many to die in fear of trying something that could help. This country is the leading exporter of medical cannabis. So if it is so bad for you, please tell me why the government continues to let that be fact?

A Hope for Future Acceptance and Understanding

A day may come when this country catches up with the rest of the world. When it comes to telling the truth about the medicinal benefits of MC... That it can help conditions such as cancer by killing cancer cells. Or even HIV and AIDS by improving appetite and moral. A day where fibromyalgia sufferers can moderate their sativa/indica balance or know what hybrid they're getting rather than more moss or stawdawg from a backstreet vendor on his stolen BMX. But alas... it is not this day.

Advocacy in Action

But until then... I'll keep spreading the word. So thanks again for reading it! And yes I watched Return of the King last night! 😁


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