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Reviewing the Mighty+ Storz & Bickel

Storz And Bickel Mighty+Plus Review

So I finally took the plunge and bought a Mighty+ from Storz & Bickel in the last "4/20" sale on

My Experience with Crafty+

I had a Crafty+ already that I managed to get for £110 on eBay. A lucky find that was sold as refurbished but it only had 3 minutes of usage on it! Alas it also had a micro USB charge port -which soon broke... but Storz&Bickel were kind enough to send a brand new model with the C type charge port as it was still under warranty!

A Game-Changing Vaping Experience

And it was far superior to anything I'd ever tried in the past when it came to vaping! I had tried switching to from smoking joints and cigarettes countless times over the last 20 years and by the time I got the Crafty I had almost stopped smoking cigarettes as the taste of them made me heave and I was coughing up stuff you could wallpaper with! But every vape I had tried before was just awful. I am a morbid connoisseur of those bargain vapes that usually have rubber mouthpieces and cost under £50 online.

Disappointments with Other Vapes

For eg. Snoop Dogg... I love ya dude. It's no2 on my bucket list to smoke a blunt with you... Daron Malakian being no1 (sue me, he's my inner vision) but your vapes need some serious product quality control man! They suck! And you NEED to be able suck. Hard. Those mouthpieces are like a slapped sliver of rubber. They taste like a hot car tire too. And those pen ones with the horrid little coiled burners on them?.. They always stop working after 5 minutes... I hate those! I usually ended up using them as spare cigarette lighters! (Sorry Snoop if you ever read this but... just facts!)

Embracing a Smoke-Free Life

My very first hit on the Crafty however and I never looked back. And after 20+ years of smoking I can finally say I'm cigarette free. Even the smell of cigarettes makes me want to hurl now.

There were a few extra features I loved about the Crafty+... having the app on my phone to control the temperature was very handy. I could even set it to play "Toss a coin to your Witcher" on my mobile when it was heated up and ready to vape! And if I lost my Crafty+ at any point there is a brilliant button on the app that makes it vibrate via Bluetooth so you can find it again! Doubly handy if one happens to be sat on it as I usually was! 😅

Exploring the Mighty+

Anyroad, I was dubious about getting the Mighty+... why would I need to with such a fantastic little vape already? I'd heard it was superior in battery life and charging time but what could it really DO the Crafty didn't? Well how wrong I was!

The Cooling Advantage of Mighty+

You see, when inhaling with the Crafty, I would notice an instant heat building at the back of my throat on inhaling. It made it harder to get a proper lung full of vapour. So it felt like I was taking half-hits. At least it does now compared to the cooler hits from the Mighty+.

Optimal Temperature and Accessories

There is next to no heat on the inhale with the Mighty. Just for the record I usually vape at a steady 180, maybe 185 on an indica. Anything higher and the oily taste starts to make me feel nauseous. To make it even smoother I also bought a few glass mouthpieces cheap on eBay too. They REALLY make a difference. It has been a while since my lungs managed a bong hit but my next quest is to try a glass blower addition which I'm told is a much smoother method.

Innovative Techniques for the Mighty

I've also seen one ingenious lady named Jane Hinchliffe - she manages to fill a Volcano table vaporizer bag with a Mighty by using a small air pump adaption. Thanks to her videos I was also made aware of, and invested in the filling station from Storz & Bickel which helps me fill 40 dosing capsules all at the same time. 40 is enough to last me 3 days at least so that's been an amazing investment that's helped medically as my conditions causes me to shake uncontrollably.

Battery Life and Charging

It's no lie that the battery life is far superior either. I used to have to charge my Crafty twice a day and it would take about 3 to 4 hours each time but the Mighty only needs one charge. If you have a fast speed charger (it will flash "DCT" when it is connected to one) it can fully charge, from flat, in an hour.

Size and Portability

The only real con with the Mighty is the sheer size of it. It's easily twice the size of Crafty. I'd got very adapt at being able to switch the capsules with one hand in my pocket with the Crafty and I'm still trying to learn to do it with the Mighty a month later. It is still very portable and slips easily up a baggy sleeve for more discreet users. Though it is harder to lose!

Convenience Enhancements

Also the filling station (cheaper than on eBay than Amazon when I bought it BTW) it comes with a handy little twist carrier that holds up to 8 dosing capsules. It also comes with a HUGE official S&B grinder (I dubbed mine "Grindersaurus Rex") As well as other handy accessories to make your medical usage easier including 40 capsules.

A Newfound Freedom

Since buying the Mighty (and filling station meaning I can fill 3 days of capsules at a time) I find I'm a little freer during the day to spend more time doing things that need to be done or that I want to do. I have a little shoulder bag that I carry everywhere that holds everything I need to use the Mighty whenever and wherever I like.

Advocacy and Social Media

Now for those of you that don't know already I also have TikTok channel where I've recently opened up and tried to talk more and educate the masses on legal usage. TikTok and I are in a never ending battle of violation breaking and my arguing that technically I'm not but I soldier on regardless! I recently had a video reviewing the Mighty banned but I appealed arguing the fact that Storz&Bickel themselves have a video ON TIKTOK advertising the Mighty+. I won. 😁 If you'd like to see then feel free to watch it and if you'd like to subscribe feel free. Just be warned I am also a BIT of a socialist so post "lefty" stuff a lot. I'm very equal rights etc. And a gamer so there's the odd capture that made me laugh! So be nice or get blocked.

Final Thoughts on the Mighty+

So is the Mighty+ worth the money? ABSO-FRIGGIN-LUTELY!!! Think of it this way... I used to smoke 20 cigarettes a day in my heyday. Before I quit that was still 3 to 5 a day on average. The Mighty+ from Storz & Bickel stands as a true game-changer in the world of vaping. Its superior performance, extended battery life, and seamless user experience make it a worthwhile investment for both seasoned users and newcomers alike. The cooling effect on inhalation, along with optional accessories like glass mouthpieces, further elevate the experience. While it may be larger in size compared to its predecessor, the Crafty+, the Mighty+ retains its portability, offering an unbeatable vaping experience. For those seeking a top-tier vaping device, the Mighty+ is unequivocally worth every penny.

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Jane Hinchliffe
Jane Hinchliffe
May 19, 2023

Thanks for the mention! 🤩

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