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Cancard Holders Avoid Arrest And KEEP Cannabis In 198 Out Of 214 Police Stops! - Q1 2023

Nearly 10,000 people in the UK have paid for a Cancard since it was launched in January 2019 - and they're easier than ever to obtain!

Since the program's debut, the police have been deterred from pursuing further action in 108 out of 113 instances, and those 108 individuals have been let to retain their cannabis.

These statistics imply that the action, which has the support of the police and members of parliament, is operating as intended despite initial reservations about its legality. What's a Cancard? Where To Buy A Cancard UK? The Cancard is a holographic identification card that protects its possessor from being arrested or having their narcotics taken away. This protection is intended to be permanent. It reveals the cardholder's medicinal cannabis usage to any law enforcement official who may have confronted them because of their identification card.

It is thought that this would prevent the authorities from arresting the case or seizing the drug – if the cannabis was purchased from a black market request, this will be very effective. It’s available to anyone with a qualifying condition, the list of which is relatively broad but does include. Cancard FAQ: here. Cancard Trustpilot: here. - Depression - ADHD - Arthritis

- Epilepsy - IBD - Habitual pain - Fibromyalgia

- Anxiety - MS - Plus several conditions related to cancer and chemotherapy. The measure was developed in conjunction with croakers, and it has the public support of several Members of Parliament as well as senior police personnel. However, this may not hold for every single medical organization.

To provide holders with an even higher level of convenience, digital versions of their ID cards may also be stored on the holders' own mobile devices.

Interview Speaking to The Cannavist, Carly Barton, who's a well-known cannabis activist in the UK, said she's overjoyed with the numbers which prove the card is working to help apprehensions and allowing cases to keep their drug. She said, “ The maturity of stops is reported to us because the police will frequently ring our helpline to check the database. However, the police can call and check the register to see if the card is real If a card is presented. After that, we're seeing that they're letting their cases go without any further issue.” How to get a Cancard The application process to get a Cancard is straightforward. To be eligible, all that is required of you is to have a condition that qualifies for the Cancard, documentation that your ailment exists, and to fill out a form on the Cancard website. When you apply online, you'll need the following on hand: - A mobile phone - - Your passport or motorist’s license Your NHS number - Your GP name, dispatch address, and practice - Summary Care Record (if necessary)

There will be an initial charge of £30.00, followed by an annual charge of £20. Fear Carly also spoke of the fear cannabis cases experience when stopped by police for consuming their drug.

She says, "A lot of these people are struggling with their health through no fault of their own, and they're afraid of the very people who are meant to be guarding them for taking commodity that has been helping them." She is referring to the fact that these people are afraid of the people who are supposed to be protecting them.

" When they are stopped by a police officer, there is dread, but when they have been legitimized and permitted to continue, there is a relief. " #cancard #cannabis #ukmedicalcannabis #buycancard #ukcannabis #ukweed #cannabisactivist #ukcannabislaw #legalize #legalizeuk

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