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Where To Buy Cannabis Seeds In The UK

Just because seed banks online are popping up everywhere doesn’t mean every resource is trustworthy. How can you know whom to trust when growing cannabis is illegal in the UK?


Once cannabis seeds successfully germinate or the root has penetrated the seed's protective shell, they are prepared for planting and growing. There are three types of cannabis seeds: normal, feminised, and auto-flowering. Cannabis producers at home frequently select feminised seeds to guarantee that the mature plant is a female flowering variety.

Where to purchase cannabis seeds UK?
In numerous nations throughout Europe, the sale of seeds in brick and mortar stores is permitted, and internet trading of seeds is common. More retail establishments are stocking seeds as the legalisation of cannabis spreads across North America. Although mixed male and female seed strains are certainly available, feminised seeds are the most common. Before utilising the grinder, carefully sorting through the cannabis flower will frequently produce some seeds as well. Professionally purchased seeds provide superior genetics and viability, however amateur growers can find cannabis genetics at lower costs by using saved seeds.

You can look below for our top 10 places to buy cannabis seeds.

How much should I spend on seeds?
You can get away with buying one or two packs at a time if you're only aiming to produce a small number of plants for your own personal use. Ten to twenty seeds should be sufficient to provide a nice crop even if a few seeds fail because the majority of cannabis seeds sold commercially come in bundles of ten or less seeds. Any larger enterprises should scale up in accordance with this because it is the baseline for a modest, private crop.


How to preserve cannabis seeds
Although commercially available seeds in Dutch headshops are offered in small, plastic vials at room temperature and low humidity (6–12%), seed suppliers occasionally vacuum-seal and freeze seeds for long-term storage.

Light and humidity are the primary enemies of seed storage. Beyond that, even under the most haphazard storage settings, seeds can survive for up to two years. It has been observed that cannabis seeds discovered on the floor or at the bottom of a drawer can develop into thriving young plants.


Growing cannabis
The process of starting a new cannabis plant's vegetative growth is called germination. This process, which is occasionally referred to as "popping," begins when the seed is exposed to water and light. The seed leaves its quiescent or dormant condition and restarts vital metabolic processes that consume stored energy to painstakingly split apart the shell and form its first root. Once it has a firm grip on the medium, this root will lengthen and remove two tiny embryonic leaves (cotyledons) from the seed shell. Cotyledons do not qualify as "real" leaves because they are present in the seed before germination. Once the stem below the cotyledons reaches a height of about five centimetres, another set of true leaves will begin to emerge from the top, and the stem between the true leaves and cotyledons will continue to lengthen.

Cannabis is often a hardy plant that can grow and even flourish in a variety of settings. But there are various things that can be done to guarantee germination. One technique involves placing a wet paper towel inside a plastic bag. Before the first root takes hold on the paper towel, the seedling must be carefully moved to some soil once the first root forms.

Additionally, peat pellets can be used to grow cannabis seedlings. Just a few inches below the surface, plant the seed. Once the seedling has established itself in the pellet, immediately transfer it to a container; the roots will soon break through the peat's soft covering, allowing the pellet to be planted in soil. In order to retain humidity, keep seedlings covered and the temperature between 70 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit (21-32 degrees Celsius), ideally around 78 degrees Fahrenheit (approximately 26 degrees Celsius). For seedlings and early cuttings, a standard fluorescent desk light will do until they are about 5 inches, or around 13 centimetres, tall. Seedlings and young cuttings require photosynthetically active radiation that is more heavily weighted in the blue section of the spectrum.

Not to worry – here are some of our favourite seedbanks for importing to the UK.

Before we run through our top choices, let’s quickly mention our criteria for making such a definitive list.

We decided to evaluate all companies for:

– Quality.
– Germination guarantee.
– Customer service (and how quickly they responded to an email).
– UK stealth packaging.
– Hard to source and popular cannabis strains.
– Affordability.
– Shipping speed and tracking inclusion. 

Please note this page is a work in progress and will be updated often, so feel free to check back!

If you want to buy some flowers whilst you wait to finish your next grow, click HERE.

First Look

1. Top cannabis seeds in the UK – Cannabis Seeds Store (UK)
2. Collection of various seed banks – Seedsman
3. UK bulk sales – Quebec Cannabis Seeds
4. Free UK cannabis seed deals – Marijuana Seeds NL
5. Best UK stealth packaging – MJ Seeds Canada
6. Safest way to buy cannabis seeds online – Sonoma Seeds
7. Most innovative cultivators – SunWest Genetics
8. Best for hard to find seeds – Rocket Seeds
9. Fastest UK shipping – Mary Jane’s Garden
10. Best customer support – Beaver Seeds

Is Buying Cannabis Seeds Legal In The UK?

As you might have heard by now, cannabis is illegal to possess, sell or grow in the UK.

Nevertheless, getting charged with unlicensed production or trafficking is a headache, as cannabis is still considered a Class B drug, carrying a maximum penalty of 5 years in prison.

Oddly enough, it’s not necessarily illegal to order cannabis seeds from a legally established overseas seed bank.

It is, however, illegal to germinate and/or grow your seed within the UK and Ireland, unless you have a licence to do so. For this reason, please see our legal disclaimer located at the bottom of this web page.


– You can buy UK cannabis seeds as a “novelty item”
– Customs still might confiscate the cannabis seeds
– The best cannabis seeds companies offer delivery guarantees
– Discreet packaging is generally available.


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1. Cannabis Seeds Store (UK) – Best Overall Cannabis Seeds


– Wide selection of seeds
– Guaranteed germination & delivery
– Founded in 2005


– Not much in the way of discounts or free cannabis seeds - although this website offers quality over quantity.

CKS is one of the oldest and most successful seed banks in the world and still offering the best-selling strains and new hybrids. From top sellers like Dwarf Low Flyer Autoflower seeds to feminized seeds like Green Crack and Wedding Cake, the site has a huge selection.

You can also expect “growing cannabis seed” guides, 24-7 chat support, a charge-free telephone number, and discreet packaging to the UK. We liked this one because of its wide range of strains and new seeds, with 500 new seeds released for the year.

The company offers two guarantees, one for germination, and the other for delivery, once you pay for Express Registered with Tracking. In other words, you’ve got nothing to lose.

2. Seedsman – Best Variety for Cannabis Seeds in UK


– Founded in '03
– 40+ promotions over the year
– Gives discount for Bitcoin


– Loyalty program currently on hiatus due to “social sharing abuse”
– Difficult process for any lost orders

Seedsman drives a hard bargain with discount deals like 3 for 2, and up to 25% off Bitcoin purchases. There are roughly 40 different promotions every year, all averaging about 20 percent off the listed price.

But what makes Seedsman’s seed bank remarkable is its large selection. The company gets its catalogue from over 80 trusted breeders all over the world and can offer as many as 1,500 strains to UK cannabis growers like yourself.

That’s rather a lot.

Customer service is well-reviewed, though it’s only email-based, and they won't provide any growing advice. Fortunately, you can also purchase some guides on how to grow your own “collectible seeds”, if that’s something you might fancy at some point.

3. Quebec Cannabis Seeds – Best Bulk Sales for UK Customers


-Better for bulk & mix pack deals
-Germination guarantee
-Founded 2013


– Not clear whether they offer a delivery guarantee

Quebec Cannabis Seeds promises consistent quality on cannabis strains, with “optimum THC and high CBD levels.” While they do feature top-sellers like Auto Bruce Banner Feminised Seeds and Amnesia Haze XL auto-flowering seeds, their most exciting deals come in the way of mix packs and bulk seeds.

You can buy cannabis seeds mixes of feminised, auto-flowering, fast version, and Quebec Gold quality, in packs of 100.

All packaging is handled discreetly and seeds are shipped inside inconspicuous items. That’s just a DVD in the post… wink wink.

Seeds are guaranteed, and the company has confidence in its 80% germination rate. While confiscated packages won’t get you a refund, QCS is pretty good at making sure their seeds don’t get caught at customs.

4. Marijuana Seeds NL – Best Deal for Free Seeds


– Rewards program with money back the more cash you spend
– Accepts multiple forms of payment
– Free seeds with most purchases


– Not much in the way of guarantees

While much of the world was still debating the magic of cannabis, Amsterdam was busy producing it – and since 1999, providing individuals and companies with cannabis seeds.

The most original of UK seed banks is Marijuana Seeds NL, offering a wide range of seeds, from feminised to autoflowering seeds and regular seeds, to special value packs for potency, taste, and environment.

The company is proud of its quality genetics and its founders travelled the world to find the best cannabis strains and develop testing procedures that would ensure stability. You can also expect “double free” seed deals, depending on the season.

Regular shipping is free after £55 and stealth shipping is free after £100.

5. MJ Seeds Canada – Best for Discreet Packaging


– Founded 2009
– Accept Paypal, bank transfer, & other payment methods
– Very discreet packaging


- Questionable germination guarantee


While MJ Seeds Canada does have a high germination rate, their priority appears to be affordability in shipping and cannabis seed prices.

The germination guarantee is not as highly touted as the delivery guarantee, but the delivery is guaranteed when you pay for tracking and insurance.

However, they take their discreet seed billing and packaging seriously and alternate shipping methods regularly, so as not to build a pattern and arouse suspicion around your cannabis seeds.

The store’s 24-hour shipping policy is also unique, because of the fact that MJSC has multiple stores, offices, and warehouses to ship from.

6. Sonoma Seeds – Safest Way to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online


– Many payments supported, including cash
– High germination rate & guarantee
– Telephone customer support


– Not as much in the way of discounts

Sonoma Seeds is based in Canada and offers 300 Canadian dollars (around 175 GBP) for international shipping, which is all well and good. However, compared to $200 in free shipping offered by the likes of Crop King Seeds and the like, it’s a bit pricier.

Still, one of Sonoma’s advantages lies in the variety of supported payment methods, including bank transfers, Bitcoin, credit cards, and even carefully hidden cash, which is untraceable.

Other positives include an 80% germination rate, 500 strains to choose from, and premium customer support, including a telephone line with business hours.

What makes Sonoma Seeds unique is the flexibility of payment options, guaranteeing your privacy and giving you options.

7. SunWest Genetics – Most Innovative Cultivation Methods


– 500 strains to choose from
– Phone & internet support
– Free cannabis seeds included with larger purchases


– Not a lot of information on the company or its practices

SunWest Genetics focuses on improving the genetics of cannabis, including diversifying the gene pool of strains. Specifically, the company tries to improve strains for medicinal purposes and breed new varieties with additional benefits.

The company is outspoken about its quality control process but did not provide much information in the way of growing fundamentals for newcomers.

So you’d better know how to grow cannabis in the UK!

In terms of presentation, they have a lot to offer, with a variety of strains (over 500), fast and reliable phone and email support. The company is quick to stand by its products, offering a guarantee for quality and germination, which stands at 80%.

8. Rocket Seeds – Best for Hard to Find and Popular Seed Strains


– Works with other UK seed banks to find certain seed strains
– Germination guarantee
– Free seeds with higher purchases


– More like a convenience store than a unique brand

Not only does Rocket Seeds work with the world’s most successful breeders, but the company also goes out of its way to search for multinational sources of new strains.

The good news is you can find almost everything from here, from feminized seeds like 3 Kings and Acapulco Gold, or AK-47 auto-flowering, or even fast version seeds like Baklava MJ which can deliver a fast yield with little maintenance.

Rocket Seeds is such a team effort that you might find yourself working with the likes of Beaver, Crop King, Sunwest, and Mary Jane’s Garden – other seed banks that can find those hard-to-get strains.

It’s basically GoCompare for buying cannabis seeds in the UK (and worldwide).

9. Mary Jane’s Garden – Best Shipping Deals on UK Cannabis Seeds


– Reputation for high-quality seeds, no deformities
– Established 2003
– 90% delivery rate to UK
– Same-day shipping


– No telephone support

Mary Jane’s Garden has had almost 20 years in the business and has developed a reputation for a wide selection of strains and high-quality seeds.

What Mary Jane highlights is a more exacting selection process, weeding out the cannabis seeds (get it?) that might be damaged or unnaturally formed.

You’re left with the crème de la crème!

The delivery rate is 90% to the UK, above average, meaning the company knows how to secretly package your seeds!

Surprisingly, Mary Jane has one more distinct advantage over its competitors – a same-day shipping policy that beats even our top selection.

10. Beaver Seeds – Best UK Seed Banks Customer Support


– Established 2009
– Same-day shipping to UK
– Guaranteed delivery with extra insurance & tracking options


– Not a strong assurance of a germination guarantee.
– Not as many discounts as competitors.

Beavers Seeds cuts out the low-quality affordable stuff and stocks only the highest grade of cannabis seeds. You’ll find popular brands like Gorilla Glue and Banana Punch to bulk Indica and Sativa regulars.

The company offers same-day UK shipping, a rarity, not to mention a tracking system to practically every country on the globe.

Besides accepting multiple forms of payment, including cash, and guaranteeing a germination rate, what truly impressed us about Beaver Seeds is its 24/7 seed bank telephone support.

Growing or possessing cannabis may not be legal in your state/country and you may need a licence to do so. It is your own responsibility to ensure you are growing legally. and it's writers take no responsibility for any information within this article, which was written for SEO purposes only.


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