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What do people mean when they call weed gassy, milky, hazy, dank or kushy? Cannabis slang explained.

Have you ever heard someone describe the smell of weed as "skunky?" What about casually referring to weed as "dank?" Or, even stranger, "kushy?"

These cannabis slang expressions, like any slang, make little sense to an outsider — or even someone fresh to the community. The aroma and taste of cannabis and terpene products can have a major impact on your preferences. Understanding what pot phrases signify will help you streamline your purchasing experience and identify the type of weed flavour you want.

We should also highlight that these cannabis labels are often based on certain strain families and the corresponding experience. For example, there are numerous cannabis strains that contain the name "Kush," such as "Gelato." Let's look at some common cannabis phrases and what you may expect from cannabis and terpene products when you use them.

Skunky Cannabis Terpenes

Skunky weed has a unique odour, and many people don't believe it's a pleasant one: skunk spray. Cannabis strains from the "Skunk" family of cannabis, which emerged in the 1970s, were particularly prone to this odour. Because of its distinctive aroma, the term "skunky" became widely used as a cannabis term, however, this odour is not always unpleasant, and many people enjoy it! It's powerful, yet it's a common flavour to boost when terpenes are added to bud or flavouring terpene compositions.

Hazy Cannabis Terpenes

"Haze" is a cannabis term connected with the same-named Sativa weed strain, which was first grown in the early 1970s near Santa Cruz, California. It also refers to its offspring, which currently include a number of hybrid strains. This strain's enthusiasts describe it as earthy, citrusy, or peppery. Enhancing the hazy lavender scent is an excellent approach to improve the flavour and aroma of formulations like Mandarin.

Kush Cannabis Terpenes

"Kush" is a cannabis term that has changed over time. Its origins can be traced back to the Hindu Kush, an Asian mountain range that separates Afghanistan and Pakistan. Originally, this cannabis phrase refers to Indica strains growing in that region.

Today, the term "kush" refers to both Kush descendants and cannabis in general. Kushy terpenes are enhanced in both bud and terpene formulations to emphasise the earthy tones associated with Kush. Kush boosters multiply the flavour and scent of compositions like Blackberry or Blueberry Kush by a thousand.

Dank Cannabis Terpenes

Despite its uncomfortably damp overtones, "Dank" is a cannabis slang phrase that meaning "good." It also refers to weed with a fat, pungent flavour that hits strongly, a flavour that comes from weed grown in a healthy environment and then properly dried and cured.

However, those flavours do more than merely enhance cannabis strains. A dank profile added to a terpene composition provides an extra punch. Bring up the zesty flavour and smell of terpene compositions such as lemon, pineapple, and cherry flavours, or amp up the punch of sweet and sour combinations.

Gassy Cannabis Terpenes

Have you ever heard of Diesel strains? This cannabis word refers to the "gassy" fragrance and feeling associated with Diesel strains. While it can be applied to any cannabis, it is most commonly associated with that family of strains and their distinct aroma. When you add gassy terps to a terpene formulation, you get a terpene formulation with a strong kick.

Milky Cannabis Terpenes

"Milky" is a cannabis phrase with a variety of connotations and connections. It's an adjective used to describe trichomes, which are a type of hair that grows on the outside of cannabis. Cannabis plants with hazy trichomes, or "milky" trichomes, produce a stronger high.

"Milky" refers to a creamy flavour when it comes to flavour itself. Terpene compositions like Grape Ape and Banana Bread cannabis terpene profiles have a naturally creamy texture and flavour. Terpenes can improve the milkiness, creamy flavour, and scent of terpene compositions to give your bud a smooth, kind of silky taste.

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Learning about weed terminology gives you more confidence while looking for cannabis and terpene items that you'll enjoy. Because these common phrases allude to the tastes and aromas of the products, descriptions like "Skunky," "Gassy," and "Kush" are excellent guides when seeking a specific flavour or perfume.

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