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Mushies Nootropic Lion's Mane Nootropic Mushroom Coffee: An Honest Review

Okay, so here's the deal. As a chronic anxiety sufferer, mindfulness has become an integral part of my life. Finding ways to support my mental well-being is a constant journey, and this is going to be my first experience with any Nootropic or Lions Mane based product. I haven't been paid, and write honestly, with my true thoughts. Mushies Nootropic Lion's Mane Coffee. They claim it boosts focus and mental clarity, and honestly, I couldn't resist giving it a shot. So, hang tight and get comfy, as I take you through my experience with this intriguing mushroom coffee blend.

Mushies Nootropic Lions Mane Mushroom Coffee Blend Review

The Mushroom Curiosity Kick:

Alright, let's get real. Mushies Mushroom Coffee comes with a big promise: over 1000mg of herbal extracts in each spoonful to turn you into a super-thinking genius. That's what they say - I'll decide what I make of it.

Mushies Nootropic Lions Mane Mushroom Coffee Blend Review

The Nootropic Coffee Ritual:

Let me tell you, my friend, I was in dire need of that coffee this morning. I mean, super duper tired. You know those mornings where you're practically sleepwalking, your eyes are aching and you desperately need a pick-me-up? That was me. So, I couldn't wait to get that caffeine boost into my system ASAP. I tore open the package. An interesting aroma swirled up and hit my nostrils. It was a clean blend of coffee goodness, infused with a hint of earthy mushrooms. I gotta admit, I was a bit skeptical about how this unique concoction would taste, but the curiosity was strong, and I need to wake the F up this morning. I quickly scanned the instructions, but being a fan of creamy coffee, I decided to add a splash of milk to my brewing adventure. With a couple of teaspoons of the blend and some hot water, I stirred it all together, and just like that, boom! My very first cup of this intriguing coffee blend was ready to roll.

The Flavour Expedition:

I took a sip, and surprise! It wasn't a full-on mushroom assault on my taste buds. In fact, the overall flavour was actually surprisingly nice. The Arabica coffee and the nutty mushroom hints played well together, and the maca added a touch of maltiness. It tastes like expensive coffee and although you can taste the other ingredients, they aren't overpowering - I could easily switch to this blend without issue. Very pleased about that!

Mushies Nootropic Lions Mane Mushroom Coffee Blend Review

The Mind Journey:

Now, here's where things got interesting. It didn't hit me immediately, but a couple of hours later (as I write this review), I actually do feel a difference compared to my usual morning mental clarity. A little boost of focus is noticeable. It's like someone turned on the lights in my brain and got me in the zone. I tackled my morning tasks, dropped my little girl off to school with a fresh perspective and noticed a difference in my ability to concentrate.

A huge win for Mushies here, and at this point I can tell you I will be buying this product again. I am actually impressed.

The Ingredient Magic:

Let's break it down and talk about the health and mind benefits of the key ingredients in Mushies Mushroom Coffee:

Mushies Nootropic Lions Mane Mushroom Coffee Blend Review

  1. Arabica Instant Coffee (60%): The base of the blend. It tastes like high quality coffee and is blended into an extremely fine powder.

  2. Gelatinised Red Maca (15%): An adaptogenic ingredient, Gelatinised Red Maca Powder supports energy, stamina, and overall well-being.

  3. Cordyceps Mushroom Extract (14%): Cordyceps mushrooms are known for their energizing properties, promoting increased focus and vitality.

  4. Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract (8%): Lion's Mane Mushroom is a cognitive enhancer that supports memory, focus, and mental clarity.

  5. Chaga Mushroom Extract (2%): Packed with antioxidants, Chaga mushrooms provide immune-boosting benefits and contribute to overall well-being.

  6. L-Theanine (0.7%): L-Theanine promotes relaxation and helps to improve mental focus, creating a balanced and calm state of mind.

  7. Micronised Resveratrol (0.2%): Micronised Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant that supports cognitive health and overall wellness.

  8. Bacopa Monnieri (0.1%): Bacopa Monnieri is an herb known for its memory-enhancing properties, further contributing to cognitive benefits.

My Future Explorations:

After my positive experience with Mushies, I'm eager to explore more of what these functional mushrooms have to offer. I'm planning to give the Lion's Mane caps and the cordyceps mushroom tincture a go in the near future. Who knows? Maybe I'll uncover even more surprises along the way.

Mushies Nootropic Lions Mane Mushroom Coffee Blend Review

The Honest Truth:

I gotta keep it 1000. As someone who battles chronic social anxiety, finding natural remedies to support my mental well-being is a top priority for me. Mushies have genuinely exceeded my expectations. It wasn't about the taste (which was surprisingly good), but it also left me feeling a little more clear-headed compared to my usual morning coffee routine. This review is 100% honest, no BS and I have not been paid. So, my fellow adventurers, if you're up for spicing up your coffee routine, Mushies Nootropic Lion's Mane Coffee might be worth a shot. It's a quirky blend of functional mushrooms and brain-boosting ingredients that could add some magic to your mornings and perhaps make your days a little nicer overall. If mindfulness and mental wellness is your thing, I would give it a go.

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🔥🔥🔥🔥 lions mane should be in everyone's diet



Sounds super interesting! Do they do a decaff version?



Fantastic review here. I will give this a go! James


Good, well written & informative article, thanks Nelly. I've been procrastinating for a while on doing an infusion with Coconut MCT oil, sunflower lecithin, 1:1 ratio cannabis & Lion's mane mushroom, might add some cordyceps mushroom extract too. This article has convinced me to go ahead & make it! Now to find the mushroom raw ingredients...

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