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How To Roll A Perfect Joint | Step By Step Guide To Basic Cannabis Rolling Technique.

Sick of buying pre-rolls? Struggling to roll a joint without it looking terrible and side burning?
Check out our step by step guide on how to roll a joint - perfect for newcomers to cannabis or even people that simply never bothered to learn!

How To Roll Joints | An Introduction

To roll a crisp, clean joint seems to be a rite of passage for stoners and medical cannabis users alike ( although of course, in the UK you have to vape it to stay legal!) - something you learn to master during a chilled summer or else end up having to buy pre-rolls and have other people roll your jays for you. You might stick to purchasing packs of premium pre-rolls or smoking weed out of a dependable old pipe, but where's the fun in that? Rolling joints by hand has a ritualistic element that really sets the mood and is good for the mind.

What You'll Need To Roll The Perfect Joint

To get started, you'll need a few materials. Grab a weed grinder, rolling papers, a guide to filtering, a lighter or matchbook, some top-notch flowers from us or our friends at High Tier, or, let's be honest, some mid-range flowers if you're worried about failing your first effort. Grab your accessories from High Tier, Raw, Rizla, or Juicy if you want excellent quality at a decent price.

A word or two about these things: You don't have to spend a ton of money on a nice grinder. If joint rolling is new to you, a basic plastic grinder will do just fine. If you change your mind later, you can always upgrade - you can find a simple-to-use, basic cannabis grinder for less than £6 on eBay - however we recommend buying one that has a kief collector - more on that below. You'll want rolling papers, filter tips, a grinder, a lighter, and a rolling tray - however, there are always free options which we will mention below.

Step 1: Grind your cannabis material.

The most crucial preparation, other than picking decent rolling papers, involves getting your flower to the proper consistency. For even burning, your ground-up weed should be crumbly with no stems. In order to get there, put a nug in your grinder and grind it 10–12 times - at which point you should easily be able to turn it.

Have you noticed something powdery hanging out in your grinder's bottom chamber? It's called kief, and you will want to save that for later - it's concentrated with THC (or CBD if that's your flavour, of course!)

You may either put it back into your joint for more potency or save it for another time.

Step 2: Make a roach (filter).

A roach is a term used by almost all tokers to define the filter used in joints. Almost everyone uses the card from the rolling paper packet - however, you can actually use an ordinary tobacco filter and it won't affect your high. Again, a filter is not absolutely necessary, but it will prevent flower fragments from escaping and entering your mouth as you smoke. Start with a few accordion folds to prevent your filter from unfolding as soon as you finish rolling it. Additionally, this serves as a baby gate to keep wayward flower fragments out. Keep in mind that your joint will be as thin or thick as you roll your filter, so make your plans accordingly.

Step 3: Pack your joint.

Place your rolling paper on a tray, plate or magazine to catch any fallen material and then place your herb into the crease of the paper. Leave some space so that your roach can be placed at one end. Getting the amount that goes in might take a small amount of practice till you know by eye that it's correct.

Step 4: Pinch and roll

Grab the flower-filled paper by both ends, pinch the tops of the paper with your thumbs and forefingers, and rub your fingers together in an up-and-down motion to create a tight, cylindrical junction. You basically compress the blossom into a narrow log that is the same width as the filter by doing this. Once there, you're prepared to roll up the paper and tuck the unglued side of the paper around the filter. Expect to make mistakes because this stage requires patience and finesse.

Pro tip: Focus on getting the paper tight around the roach to start with. The remainder of the joint will fall into place from there.

Step 5: Twist and Lick

Now all you need to do to seal the deal is lick the bonded inseam like an envelope. Tap the roach end of the joint gently against a hard surface to help the material settle in evenly or gently pack the flower in with a pencil, chopstick, or similar pointy object at the open end.

To keep everything in place, twist the excess paper at the top of your joint. You now possess a hand-rolled joint! Does it not look ideal? Keep practising and check out more tips below for next time!

Common Issues When Joint Rolling:

— If your joint becomes loose midway through rolling it, stop and start again, this time pinching the filter more tightly.

— If your joint is smoking quicker down one side ('side burning'), you probably didn't grind enough. Next time, grind the material a little bit more.

— Need to keep relighting your joint? This usually means the herbs were ground too fine, which obstructs air from flowing through the joint. Next time, try grinding slightly less.

Thanks for reading the beginners' guide to rolling joints! Be sure to check back soon when we provide step-by-step guides on more advanced rolling techniques - including 'back rolling', 'King L's' and even how to roll joints using rose petals!

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