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Guest Writer Position at High Committee

High Committee, a fast growing online magazine dedicated to exploring the evolving world of cannabis and psychedelics, is currently accepting contributors. As we continue to grow and expand our reach, we aim to provide accurate information, fight stigma, and foster a deeper understanding of these substances as powerful tools for personal growth and improved living.

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About High Committee

Since our launch in 2019, High Committee has been committed to delivering educational, topical, and entertaining content to meet the increasing demand for reliable information on cannabis and psychedelics. As these substances shed their stigma and gain recognition for their potential benefits, our magazine aims to bridge the gap between them and broader culture in the United Kingdom.

Application Process

A deep understanding of the current state of cannabis and/or psychedelics is essential. High Committee caters to audiences interested in alternative health and wellness, counterculture, and entertainment. Given the importance of accurate and informative writing on these topics, we value candidates who can deliver well-researched and engaging content, while ensuring that content is factually correct for safety reasons.

As a guest writer at High Committee, you will receive valuable work experience, exposure to a wider audience, and full credit for your contributions. While we are currently unable to offer cash compensation per article, we aspire to provide paid opportunities or a full-time position in the future. Many of our contributors simply do so as a side hobby.

Exciting Changes Ahead

Exciting changes are on the horizon for High Committee. Once we have the three new writers on board, we intend to completely redesign our website, enhancing the user experience and further establishing ourselves as a go-to resource for cannabis, psychedelics, and spirituality. Additionally, we are edging closer to launching a printed retail magazine, expanding our reach and providing our audience with a tangible and immersive reading experience

How to Apply

To apply, please contact us, providing a brief outline of your past experience, any title ideas you believe would be a good fit, and any other relevant information. High Committee is committed to reviewing all genuine applications that align with our requirements and will make an effort to respond promptly. Contact info


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Aug 31, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Have sent you an email. Would love to get started I have been writing for 20+ years and would love to get back into it


Onto Demetri the Domain of Mutable Time

I travelled to a distant realm of pure thought

A dimension of peculiar psychedelic imagery

An outlandish land of languid contemplation

A rugged region of phantasmagorical entities

A soul quest in a place of no time constraints

A spiritual trip of life changing soulful imensity

An equilibrium of insanity, everything and nout

A journey of weeks condensed to mere minutes

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