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CBD SEO: How To Buy CBD Backlinks + Complete Guide On Building DoFollow Backlinks For Google Ranking

Want to buy CBD backlinks for your business? Follow the High Committee ultimate guide on building CBD backlinks and find out how to rank your CBD business on Google!

The Definitive Guide On Building DoFollow CBD Backlinks For SEO Ranking


10 CBD SEO Tricks to Boost Organic Traffic

CBD SEO is a critical component in growing a CBD brand online. Due to paid advertising constraints, companies in the CBD market can profit especially from SEO.

In this article, we'll go over 10 CBD SEO tactics to help you boost organic traffic and stay ahead of the competition.

What exactly is CBD SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of making modifications to your website to improve its online exposure for searches in search engines such as Google.

SEO has numerous components, including "on-page SEO" and "off-page SEO." Within-page SEO refers to elements that affect rankings on a page, such as content, and off-page SEO refers to factors that affect rankings outside of a page, such as external backlinks.

"CBD SEO" refers to the application of SEO to a CBD-related website. While SEO-recommended practises do not always change based on the market, CBD is extremely competitive and frequently refers to health-related themes, which can influence how you approach things.

What is the significance of SEO for UK CBD brands?

While paid advertising and social media can assist drive visitors to your CBD website, search engines drive the majority of online traffic.

Because CBD cannot be advertised on Google, SEO is an excellent approach to boost targeted organic traffic to your website.

SEO is also one of the few strategies for generating traffic that pays off in the long run without requiring major ongoing expenditures.

A successful piece of SEO content can bring in organic visitors to your CBD website for years, resulting in a continuous flow of sales and greater brand awareness. An item that costs $200 may yield a return on investment of $1,000 or more (and in some cases, much more). SEO traffic is also very targeted, as individuals type in certain CBD keywords and you provide them with the exact information they've sought.

1. Use non-competitive keywords in your CBD SEO strategy.

If you have a fresh website, you won't be able to rank for competitive keywords like "CBD oil for pain." A new site cannot rank for phrases this competitive, no matter how interesting, engaging, or factually accurate its material is.

It is preferable to target frequently searched non-competitive keywords.

You'll need a keyword research tool like Ahrefs Keyword Explorer to find them.

As you can see, "CBD oil for pain" is often searched (39,000 times per month in the US on Google), but it's "very difficult" to rank for.

We can type in "CBD oil for" and filter by "KD" or "keyword difficulty" to discover a non-competitive term. Set it to a non-competitive range, like 0-10.

We now have a list of keywords that are simple to rank for while being extremely relevant.

These terms are all searched more than 200 times each month (which is decent).

"CBD for your feet"

"CBD to treat gout"

"CBD for allergies" and "CBD for trigeminal neuralgia" are two terms that have been bandied about.

You have a better chance of ranking for these keywords if your website is newer. It is to your best advantage, to begin with, non-competitive keywords. With time, you'll be able to target more competitive ones.

2. Increase the speed of your website

With Google's Core Web Vitals change, which began rolling out in early May 2021, website speed is more crucial than ever.

The answer is simple: the faster your website loads, the better the user experience.

Google is emphasising website performance, and it's in your best interest to maintain your pages and articles loading lightning fast.

Delete superfluous plugins (if you're using WordPress), optimise photos for file size and kind, and minify code are all common courses of action.

Google PageSpeed Insights will help you discover how your website's pages are currently performing.

PageSpeed Insights assigns a score of 100 to both desktop and mobile. More importantly, it identifies the source of the bloat and what you can do to remedy any issues that are slowing down your website.

3. Ensure that your material is "EAT" friendly.

Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness are abbreviated as E-A-T.

EAT includes a number of characteristics that influence the trustworthiness of a page and domain.


Expertise entails having extensive knowledge in a given sector, ideally with genuine and credible credentials.

CBD and specific health-related CBD subjects, such as "CBD oil for cancer," belong under "YMYL themes." YMYL is an acronym that stands for "Your Money or Your Life."

Because CBD health-related topics are so important to people's health, Google aims to favour the ranking of pages and domains that have true expertise in these fields. The fundamental objective for this is to provide users with trustworthy information.

Assume you're writing about CBD oil and cancer. In that situation, rather than a general content writer, hire a CBD content writer with a medical background, such as a medical doctor (MD) or a PhD in biomedical sciences.

A workaround is to have a content writer produce it and then have one of these experts "medically examine" it.

Authoritarianism is about reputation and what you cover on your website.

If you have a CBD website, keep it focused on CBD themes and don't stray too far into irrelevant areas.

This will make it more difficult for Google to determine what you are an authority figure on at the domain level.

Your reputation is also an important aspect of establishing authority. Are there any other high-quality domains that Google values linking to yours? Are your domain's reviews positive?

Trustworthiness is defined as being open, legitimate, and offering reliable information.

It is also recommended to provide simple access to contact and support connections.

The accuracy of content is critical for trustworthiness. When it comes to health-related CBD blog themes, your article should cite original sources from medical search engines rather than other non-peer-reviewed blog posts.

4. Concentrate on search intent

Google wants to provide individuals with easily available and reliable information that precisely fits the search intent of the user.

Content that ranks high and stays high over time is gratifying to search intent.

When you develop pages and posts for your CBD website, you must ensure that the page gives consumers what they are looking for.

The simplest technique to determine search intent is to enter the focus keyword you're after into Google. Then, look at the top 3-5 posts and look for trends.

When you search for "CBD oil and pain," it's evident that this term is appealing to an informational search purpose, with people wanting to learn how CBD may aid with pain.

While typing "CBD gummies" reveals that this is a transaction search intent, where consumers want to buy CBD gummies.

Enter the person's mind by entering the keywords you want to target and see how you can supply them with more valuable material than the current top-ranking competition.

5. Conduct an SEO audit to identify technical faults.

SEO audits are an excellent approach to quickly uncover technical SEO issues with your website.

A Site Audit tool can be used to execute an audit. As an example, consider the Ahrefs Site Audit tool.

You begin by entering your URL.

The crawl is then performed.

Depending on the size of your website, you'll obtain a "health score" out of 100 after some time. The higher your score, the fewer critical technical errors you must resolve.

You'll notice issues like pages connecting to 404 pages (pages that don't exist), pages lacking incoming internal links, and pages lacking meta descriptions or short meta titles.

Site audits are an excellent approach to ensure that your website is "healthy" and not hampered by technological concerns.

Correcting errors, especially major ones (such as numerous links to non-existent pages), should be done on a regular basis. You don't want technological obstacles to stymie your spectacular content.

6. Conduct a competitor analysis

Your competitors are more valuable than you realise. Learn about your competitors' SEO strategies. There is plenty to learn. Examine their SEO history. Examine what has and hasn't worked for them.

You may view historical statistics for any domain using a tool like Ahrefs Site Explorer. You can see how their organic traffic has evolved over time, which keywords they rank for, and which sites are the most popular.

Assume you're a CBD company in the United Kingdom, and one of your competitors is

Here's what we discovered when we examined their top pages.

We can notice that their post on "is CBD oil legal?" is doing quite well. It receives 567 visits each month.

This information is really useful when brainstorming blog topic ideas.

Now you can examine what their top pages are, choose those that aren't too competitive, and make blog posts that outperform theirs.

7. Include internal links throughout your sites and posts.

Internal links, which connect sites on the same domain, are an important aspect of SEO.

Internal links assist users in navigating between your pages while also providing search engines with a clear knowledge of your website's priorities.

The more internal links you point to a page, the more important that page appears to Google.

For product pages, you can benefit from internal links. Backlinks from other websites are more likely to be received by informative blog entries that address inquiries like "is CBD legal in Texas?" than by product pages.

People are unlikely to link to a product page titled "Buy CBD Shatter Online." However, you can use internal links to add internal backlinks to these pages, which will help them rank higher.

For example, if you mention the word "CBD shatter" in a blog article, you can link to your product collection page titled "Buy CBD Shatter Online."

Consider the "anchor text" you use when adding internal links. The words you're linking to are referred to as anchor text.

It's preferable to hyperlink the precise words "CBD shatter" or "Buy CBD Shatter" rather than the phrase "click here" because it provides users with a clearer notion of what page they're heading to.

8. Create meta tags for each of your pages.

Meta tags are text snippets that provide search engines with information about the contents of a page.

Optimize your meta titles and meta descriptions to keep your pages and posts SEO-friendly.

Meta description

A Meta title, often known as a website title, is a title that appears in search results for any page or post. Meta titles inspire users to click on your page and assist search engines in understanding its contents.

Meta title best practices:

Include your focus keyword in the headline, preferably at the beginning.

Keep it between 50 and 60 characters long.

Concentrate the title on appealing to the appropriate search intent.

Assume the main keyword is "CBD oil for pain."

"CBD Oil for Pain: What the Research Shows" is a nice meta title.

This meta title is effective since it is 50 to 60 characters long, includes the focus keyword early on, and the phrase "what the research shows" appeals to the appropriate search intent.

Meta description

In search results, meta descriptions are the descriptions that appear beneath the meta title.

Consider meta descriptions to be a preview for your page. It introduces the issue and entices them to visit your website to learn more. The meta description should also reassure the reader about what they will see on the page.

Meta description best practices:

Maintain a character count of 80 to 160.

If possible, include your primary keyword as well as a secondary keyword.

Instead of stuffing keywords into the description, write it as if it were ad content.

A suitable meta description for the keyword "CBD oil for pain" would be as follows:

CBD oil, also known as cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid that is occasionally used to treat pain. Here's what the research on CBD and pain says.

This meta description is effective because it is between 80 and 160 characters long, focuses on what consumers want to know, and is actionable.

9. Emphasize "evergreen" material.

Evergreen content is content that remains relevant for an extended length of time.

"CBD advantages" is an example of an evergreen CBD term. While the research surrounding the benefits of CBD changes, people continue to look for CBD benefits.

"Trump and CBD legalisation" could be something that isn't evergreen.

While there may still be search volume around this topic, it will peak when it is hot news and then decline as it loses relevance over time.

Topics like "CBD advantages" and "How does CBD feel" remain relevant long after they've been published.

Evergreen subjects are wonderful for SEO because you're creating content assets that will bring you, visitors, on a continual basis.

Both evergreen and non-evergreen content are acceptable, however evergreen topics are usually a better place to begin. In this manner, you may lay the groundwork for a solid foundation of consistent blog traffic.

10. Build backlinks to your website

Backlinks are king, and content is queen. However, neither is more significant than the other, as a kingdom needs both.

Because the CBD industry is so competitive, backlinks are critical. You need an authority domain to rank for competitive searches, and the more dofollow connections you have from respected sites, the better.

Building backlinks naturally occur over time if you publish high-quality content, maintain a positive reputation, and make genuine human connections with others in your sector.

While links will emerge naturally over time, you may and should be proactive in creating connections using white-hat techniques.

For instance, you can examine a website that has an external link to a blog post that now redirects to a 404 page. You can recommend to the website owner via email that they utilise your resource (blog post?) to replace the broken link.

There are numerous methods for constructing linkages. You may learn more about link building by reading this excellent post.

In the end, CBD SEO is not much different from "regular" SEO. The distinction is that CBD is a competitive sector, and it is also tied to health, which necessitates certain extra precautions in order to acquire Google's trust.

The main takeaway is to offer authoritative information on areas that people frequently look for (starting with less competitive topics first). Make sure your website is technically "healthy," and do everything you can to deliver the best customer experience possible.

CBD is one of the most popular daily supplements today and has been for several years. With such a popular product, brand rivalry is sure to be fierce, especially in the digital arena. eCommerce is one of the most competitive businesses, and staying ahead of the competition is becoming increasingly difficult.

However, there is a way to stand out in the digital scene, and that is through the usage of backlinks. Backlinks have been used for a long time to boost the search engine ranking of websites and eCommerce stores, and as long as you do everything correctly, you can expect amazing results.

SEO and SEM are the future of marketing, and getting in on the ground floor while the iron is still hot can offer you an advantage in the expanding CBD market. In this essay, we'll speak about CBD backlinks, what makes them so important, and some important points to remember.


What Exactly Are CBD Backlinks?

What Exactly Are Quality CBD Backlinks?

Why Do CBD Backlinks Matter?

How Do You Get CBD Backlinks?

Please report any broken links.

Reviews and testimonials

Posting as a guest

Persuasion and promotion

The Skyscraper Approach

How Do Backlinks Aid CBD Website Ranking?

Why is Guest Posting/Content Marketing the Best Strategy for Creating CBD Backlinks?

Why is it critical to choose the best set of targeted keywords for CBD backlinks?

How Do You Decide On Anchor Text For CBD Backlinks?

What Are Google's CBD Ecommerce Website Restrictions?

How Many Links Should Your CBD Website Have?

How Do You Get Backlinks When You Have a New CBD Website?

10 Things to Consider When Building CBD Backlinks

Quality trumps quantity.

Make use of high-quality keywords.

Consider outsourcing;

Investigate the local legislature;

Use high-quality anchor text;

Don't stuff your keywords;

Concentrate on organic growth;

Learn from your errors;

Promote your content;

Maintain your relevance;

What Exactly Are CBD Backlinks?

CBD Backlinks are links for the CBD industry. Backlinks are links to your website located on other domains (other websites). Backlinks are links found embedded in blog posts and other content that lead back to a centralised point of sale, which is most likely your website.

Backlinks are crucial components of SEO because they play an important role in the optimization process. Backlinks demonstrate to search engines that you run a credible website, which is confirmed by the website where the backlink is available. Consider backlinks to be an essential promise to search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and Google.

Backlinks are possibly the most important component in organic search engine ranking - and have been for many years. Backlinks are still important and aren't going away anytime soon. While the ranking algorithm is always changing and has experienced major changes since backlinks were initially employed, backlinks continue to be an important component of your website's ranking considerations for worldwide search engines.

What Exactly Are Quality CBD Backlinks?

Cannabidiol is and has been one of the most popular supplements for quite some time. It's available as tinctures, gummies, drinks, and even vape juice, as the market grows, thrives, and, most importantly, evolves.

CBD is gaining popularity as a result of its purported therapeutic qualities. That means the rivalry among eCommerce platforms, sellers, and CBD websites is only growing worse.

Companies can distinguish themselves in the eyes of search engines by using quality CBD backlinks, which means that their website and products will receive significantly more exposure than if they did not use backlinks.

Investing in high-quality CBD backlinks is critical if you want to attract new consumers, enjoy organic growth, and establish industry authority.

Why Do CBD Backlinks Matter?

It's no longer about how good a product is these days; it's about how many people see it. Marketing is the primary driving force in sales, and if you want to sell something, you must invest in the appropriate marketing type.

The second page of Google is the perfect spot to hide a dead body, which is why you should never be satisfied until your material is on the first. It's difficult, time-consuming, and expensive, but if you succeed, you may make a lot of money and rank high on SERPs.

SEO solutions promise to assist you to get your content higher up in the SERPs by adhering to the rules established by the algorithm.

What do Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, and other search engines have in common? Each of them has its own methodology for dealing with page rankings. Following the constraints, requirements, and trends of that algorithm will eventually make your content more compliant, resulting in a higher rating on search results pages.

While the algorithm on big search engines is always changing, backlinks continue to be one of the most essential indicators that the system analyses when ranking your websites.

Backlinks serve as proof that your content/products/services are worthy of being displayed on another website, therefore the more backlinks you have, the better.

The PageRank algorithm is used by Google, the world's most popular search engine, to rank results in SERPs. While this is not Google's sole raking tool, it is by far the most popular. It uses a complex mathematical formula to calculate a website's relevance, and backlinks play an important role in the calculation.

Consider each backlink as a vote in support of your content and merchandise. The more votes you have, the higher your ranking on major search engines will be.

This has been the case for some time, and it is the industry standard for ranking websites in the competitive search engine market.

How Do You Get CBD Backlinks?

There are numerous methods for obtaining backlinks. Earning backlinks is placing links to your website on other websites, which is sometimes easier than you might think. In this section, we'll go over five popular techniques to get CBD backlinks in 2021.

Please report any broken links.

Reporting broken links is one of the most common strategies to earn backlinks these days. This strategy comprises contacting the webmaster of a CBD-related website and alerting them that one or more of their links are broken, as well as recommending your link as a viable replacement for the broken links.

You'd be amazed how many dead and 404 links exist on popular CBD websites, and if you're persuasive enough, your link can quickly find its way into an already-established piece of content on a high-end website.

Reviews and Testimonials

As long as you phrase and package them right, testimonials and reviews are by far the simplest approach to acquiring high-quality backlinks. Many websites enable users to write comments, reviews, or testimonials on nearly any piece of material, and if you can sneak your link into one of these remarks, you've just earned a backlink.

Assume the testimonial is too promotional or simply poorly phrased. In that instance, the webmaster may delete it, but if you leave a testimonial on your product or a similar one and convey it without being pushy, gaining backlinks in this manner will be a piece of cake.

Posting as a guest

Guest posting isn't just the best way to get backlinks in 2021; it's the best way to get backlinks in general. Many websites, particularly those in the CBD, Cannabis, and Vape industries will let you guest write for free, and you may be able to earn a commission as a result.

Whether you get a commission or not, guest blogging allows you to include as many backlinks as you like in your guest posting content, as long as the moderator/webmaster of the website you're publishing on approves.

Guest posting and content marketing are the most effective, profitable, and successful methods of gaining backlinks.

Persuasion and Promotion

CBD comprises a tiny, insignificant piece of the internet universe. There are more journalists, bloggers, and content creators in practically every industry and speciality around the world, and the CBD community is no exception.

If you want to get high-quality backlinks from top-tier websites, approach bloggers, journalists, and content creators personally and ask them if they'd include your link in their posts. Of all, this is essentially what affiliate marketing is all about, and it is also an excellent strategy to build backlinks.

Finding these people is simpler than you would think. All you have to do is look up someone in the CBD niche, get their email address using popular email searching tools like Voila Norbet,, and Toofr, and write a persuasive email explaining why they should include your backlinks in their next piece of content.

The Skyscraper Approach

One of the most important advances in the realm of digital marketing is the skyscraper technique. This strategy is shockingly straightforward; all you have to do is discover a successful, highly connected piece of content, develop better material, and then advertise your enhanced alternative to the individuals who linked the original piece of content.

How Do Backlinks Aid CBD Website Ranking?

Backlinks are closely related to your website's SEO, which affects its ranking on key search engines. Backlinks increased the total value of your content and website, causing it to rank higher in search results for a certain query.

When it comes to backlinks, there are a few standards to follow, such as using the proper anchor text and keywords, creating the right piece of content, and placing your backlinks on the right website.

An anchor text is a text on which your link is "piggybacked." Making it relevant to your website is critical, so do some keyword research before coming up with the perfect anchor.

Relevancy is another important factor to consider when creating your CBD backlinks, as you can't truly market your CBD vape juice in a finance article on a tech website.

Another important factor to consider when it comes to backlinks is the domain's age. The older the domain, the more trustworthy it is in the eyes of search engines. If you want to generate high-quality backlinks to your CBD website, it's always ideal to post on older domains.

CBD is a significant niche, and there are numerous websites of various sizes and forms dedicated to it. Ultimately, picking your battles is the greatest method to gain high-quality backlinks that convert and result in higher SERPs.

Why is Guest Posting/Content Marketing the Best Strategy for Creating CBD Backlinks?

Guest posting and content marketing are at the cutting edge of digital marketing, SEO, and SEM. Because the above-mentioned worlds influence your website's rating, it's critical to invest in high-quality guest posts and content marketing if you want to develop the proper CBD backlinks in 2021.

We've already discussed relevancy and content quality in this article, and by guest posting, you may develop high-quality backlinks that will go right back to your website.

You can do the following with guest posting and content marketing:

Build high-quality backlinks

Create high-quality content

Increase brand exposure and awareness

Increase your fan base.

Create leads

Profit from organic growth.

Increase domain authority

The higher the quality of the article, the better your chances of getting the most out of it. A low-quality content put on an unrelated CBD website will not propel you to the top of the SERPs. Similarly, a high-quality item with the correct backlinks and anchor text posted on a good CBD website will do wonders for your search engine rating.

Guest posting and content marketing are the foundations of SEO, and they perform wonders for fortifying your backlinks and ranking you higher on search engines.

Why is it critical to choose the best set of targeted keywords for CBD backlinks?

At this point, SEO and keywords are nearly synonymous. Finding the correct collection of targeted keywords for your high-quality CBD backlinks is crucial. If you want to develop high-quality CBD backlinks without using outreach link-building services, you must start from scratch and conduct keyword research.

Creating the correct CBD SEO backlinks is simple if you use the right keyword research method, and there are plenty of them floating around. Finding the right keywords on your own is difficult, but it is doable if you are patient.

Outline the relevant themes, choose appropriate phrases, and determine the common and long-tailed keywords from them. When you're finished, it's time to put them to the test. There are numerous keyword tools available, and the majority of them will determine whether a keyword is suitable or not.

Once you've compiled a list of beneficial keywords for your content, it's time to complete the process by leaving just the best, most relevant, and highest-ranking keywords behind. The right keywords create good anchors, and good anchors improve your backlinks.

How Do You Choose Anchor Text For CBD Backlinks?

To build the greatest CBD backlinks, you'll need some high-quality keywords and even better anchor text (s). While keywords are vital for ranking your content, having an appropriate anchor text for your backlink is critical.

If you want to give your CBD SEO backlinks the greatest anchor text possible, you must follow the following rules:

Make the anchor text as short as possible.

Only use high-quality keywords;

Make a change to your anchor text;

Before deploying the text, it should be tested.

Use a moderate number of connections;

Don't fill your text with keywords;

Make it as pertinent as possible.

As long as you remember to follow these criteria, creating and completing your anchor text will be a breeze.

What Are Google's CBD Ecommerce Website Restrictions?

Google imposes several unusual limitations on CBD-related eCommerce websites, particularly now. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a hemp derivative and a cousin of marijuana. However, just because the majority of CBD is sourced from hemp does not preclude the existence of CBD products derived from cannabis.

As a result, CBD is not legal everywhere. Some countries implement legal legislation and limits on CBD in general, which has a direct impact on CBD commerce.

This means that before you start working on your CBD eCommerce website, you must comply with all local rules and regulations. CBD derived from hemp is allowed in most countries throughout the world, whereas CBD derived from marijuana is not. Some states, however, have approved the use and sale of CBD extracted from marijuana.

Google will impose different requirements and restrictions on your CBD eCommerce website based on your area, so make sure to verify your local laws and regulations, as well as your product selection, before attempting to rank higher on Google's SERPs.

How Many Links Should Your CBD Website Have?

When it comes to CBD SEO backlinks, you should create as many as possible, as long as you can do so on the relevant websites. When it comes to your specific CBD SEO Backlink material, you must find the sweet spot. Backlinking is an art form, and if you want your guest post to function optimally, make sure it contains the appropriate number of backlinks.

You should place varying amounts of backlinks on your given piece based on its length, keyword density, and a variety of other factors.

Looking at what your competition is doing is a great approach to get a sense of how many backlinks you should include in your given piece of content. Look for high-ranking CBD posts, blogs, and content and try to replicate their linking as precisely as possible.

How Do You Get Backlinks When You Have a New CBD Website?

Building high-quality backlinks for your brand-new CBD website could be one of the best things you can do to spread the word. With so many CBD Backlink Checkers, White Label Link Building, and CBD Link Building services to choose from, you should have no trouble finding someone to develop high-quality backlinks for your brand-new website.

However, if you choose to forego the blogger outreach services and develop your own CBD backlinks, you're in for a bumpy but highly rewarding road.

If you have never written content before, it is critical that you understand the foundations of content development, SEO, and backlinking.

The most effective strategy to generate free CBD backlinks is to create your own in-house guest posts. These postings might be as simple and clear as a few hundred words or as detailed and conclusive as a whole guide like this one. Many possibly free CBD backlinks are circulating on the web; simply look for them on key search engines.

CBD backlink checkers are another useful tool that can assist you in creating strong backlinking content.

If you don't want to do all of the hard work yourself, there are many freelancers and independent content creators who can assist you with all of your CBD backlinking needs.

When running a CBD website, store, or company, it's critical to invest as much as possible in marketing, especially if you're just getting started. Building reputable CBD backlinks should provide you with an advantage over the competition and help you develop authority in the field as quickly as feasible.

10 Things to Consider When Building CBD Backlinks

There are a few things you should keep in mind if you want to build the best backlinks and rank at the top of your targeted SERPs. Here are ten things to keep in mind during the process to make it as simple, straightforward, and streamlined as possible.

Quality trumps quantity!

When it comes to backlinks, you should prioritise content quality over all else. High-quality content with the right CBD SEO backlinks is considerably more likely to convert than a jumbled tangle of links.

It would be best if you concentrated your efforts on producing as much material as possible while focusing all of your attention, efforts, and resources on quality. When it comes to CBD backlinks, one good piece of content surpasses 10 mediocre pieces of material.

Make use of high-quality keywords!

Keywords, like backlinks, are essential components of SEO. If you want to have high-ranking content with high-quality backlinks, you must enrich it with relevant, high-authority, and high-quality keywords.

Including CBD keywords in your backlinks will provide your article with a competitive advantage and improve your ranks.

Consider outsourcing!

If you've never produced whitehat CBD backlinks before and are unfamiliar with guest posting or digital marketing, you might want to consider hiring a CBD Backlink marketing firm or a content creation freelancer.

There are several high-end yet low-cost choices available on websites like UpWork, Freelancer, and Fiverr that might make your CBD SEO backlink article creation as professional and simple as feasible.

Investigate the local legislators!

CBD products aren't exactly new, but despite the fact that they've been on the market for a while, the law hasn't kept up with the current CBD developments. Most CBD products derived from hemp are legal globally, however, CBD derived from cannabis is not.

CBD derived from marijuana is completely legal in some cases and locations, but it is completely illegal in others. Aside from the legal implications, if you sell marijuana-derived CBD goods to a demographic or location where it is prohibited, Google's algorithm will penalise your SERPS.

Make sure you're up to date on all of the CBD-related legislation and regulations in your area.

Use high-quality anchor text!

An effective anchor text is nearly as important as the backlink itself. If you want to build trusted CBD backlinks, make the anchor text as accurate, relevant, and optimised as possible. Maintaining optimised anchor text is difficult because you must account for do-follow and no-follow connections, variety, and placement.

Don't stuff keywords!

While keywords are an SEO's best friend, using too many might harm your content and render your backlinks ineffective. Overstuffing keywords may harm the quality of your content, your SERP ranks, and the performance of your backlinks.

There is no optimal number of keywords; the average keyword density recommended by SEO professionals ranges between 1% and 2% of the total word count.

Concentrate on organic growth!

Artificial growth is self-evident, and it has a negative impact on your website in the long term. While rapid development may appear to be a wonderful thing, the key is to maintain a positive upward trajectory.

Backlinks should be used to give authority, relevancy, and content to your CBD website, not only to briefly boost your SERPs. If you want to create an efficient business model out of your CBD eCommerce store or website, you'll need to take it slowly and let organic growth take its place.

Learn from your errors!

Creating backlinks isn't the simplest task in the world. Algorithms change, trends shift, and the website you thought was the ideal candidate for your backlink has now vanished. Things happen, and you should always be prepared to fail in your efforts to build backlinks.

While you should always hope for the best and prepare for the worst, your backlinking experience can teach you a lot. You'll learn what defines a good backlink from your own venture via time, work, and persistence, which will be critical for your future backlinking.

Promote your content!

If you want to get backlinks from your own written content and guest posting, you should do everything you can to promote it. Marketing your guest posts and backlinking content will expose it to a new audience, which will eventually lead back to your website.

This is an excellent way to increase authority, spread brand awareness, and skyrocket your website's SERPs, as search engine algorithms prefer this type of growth.

Maintain your relevance!

When it comes to trusted CBD backlinks, relevance is perhaps the most prominent player. You must keep your backlink content as current, relevant, and consistent as possible. These three factors ensure that your website is always visible to search engines, as the more high-quality content you post, the more popular your website becomes.

Relevancy is an important factor in SERPs, as posting irrelevant content on a relevant website or vice versa renders your backlinks ineffective.

My Approach to Vape and CBD SEO Work

Before I get into the specifics, I'd like to discuss how I approach SEO work. My package is very clear, and I specify exactly what you will receive. There are no hidden costs or catches. My ten-person team will handle all of the work. You will receive a very personalised and tailored SEO service. In case you have any questions about this SEO package, please see the frequently asked questions section at the bottom of the page. You can explore each site by clicking on the link. The link will open in a new tab.

What you will get with your Monthly SEO Backlinks Package

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Backlinks Between Vaping and CBD SEO Service Package

The CBD SEO package listed below is pretty much all you need to start ranking your CBD, Hemp, or Vape website on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others. The pricing for each set of backlink categories is indicated, so you can buy whatever you want or the entire package at a significantly reduced rate. For the best results, I recommend purchasing the entire package because it will provide you with a one-stop-shop for your website's SEO as well as a large amount of backlink diversity.

Below is my slightly improved search engine ranking strategy. I've used this strategy with some of the most prominent vape and CBD companies, and it works every time. I've also collaborated with some large corporations, gaining access to resources that are otherwise unavailable to the general public and most people. This package is insanely powerful and will undoubtedly allow you to easily dominate the search engines.

Our monthly CBD SEO Backlinks package is designed for all CBD and hemp-related businesses. This CBD backlinks package focuses on SEO's off-page component. As you may have noticed, the CBD market has recently virtually exploded, and almost everyone is attempting to capitalise on it. Unlike vaping, CBD products have a much broader appeal in terms of target clientele, making the market extremely profitable. Having an excellent hemp or CBD website is insufficient. You must invest more in search engine optimization in order to increase site traffic and sales. Backlinks have a significant impact on how well a site ranks in search engines. Each backlink is a vote of confidence for search engines, which will then rank your website higher for your set of keywords. However, not all backlinks are created equal, and it is critical to ensure that each backlink comes from a CBD or vape-related website or resource. It is also critical to pay attention to domain metrics to ensure that your backlink is coming from a clean and trustworthy resource (good trust flow) with a strong domain authority.

All links are of the highest quality and will provide a significant SEO boost to your website.

What to anticipate from this Vape and CBD SEO Package

improved rankings for the keywords you've chosen

More organic traffic equals more sales.

An increase in your website's domain authority and statistics

The goal of our CBD SEO Backlinks Package is to get your CBD website ranked higher in search engines for your set of keywords. We will begin to rank your website for a set of keywords you have chosen by creating quality links on CBD-related resources. As your site climbs the search engine rankings for various keywords, your traffic should increase, and you should see an increase in sales. After we have created all of the backlinks for your site, we will power those links up with tier 2 links such as forum posts, blog comments, wiki articles, social bookmarks, and so on. The goal is to fortify those backlinks and boost the amount of juice they pass to your website.

Backlinks from Guest Posts on Vape and CBD Websites

I can create do follow and permanent backlinks within these vape and CBD blogs. These are the most effective contextual and niche-related backlinks for helping you rank for your set of keywords. I will include a link to your website within an existing article on the sites listed below. The following sites are currently accepting guest posts: \s \s \s \s \s

£50 per site

Listings in CBD and Vape Shop Directories

You must list your company in these directories, and I will provide you with lifetime membership, which means that your listings will never be removed. These CBD and vape shop directory listings are excellent for driving targeted traffic to your website. Feature in CBD and Vape Magazines

Our staff may review your CBD products and feature them in the periodicals listed below. You would need to email us your entire product range for this:

CBD Life Magazine

Vape Life Magazine

This is an excellent strategy to raise brand awareness while also increasing site traffic and sales. Backlinks would also be included within each post.

Price / location = £200

Links to Guest Posts on Popular Websites

I could also develop guest post type backlinks on the sites listed below, which contain some CBD-related blog posts. These sites offer good domain analytics and traffic, which may assist you in attracting quality traffic. (Vape store)

Price = £200 (has a designated cbd, vape and beauty sections beneath their main blog) (has a designated cbd, vape and beauty sections under their main blog)

Price = £400 (marketing site that contains vape, hemp and CBD part in their blog) (marketing site that features vape, hemp and CBD section in their blog)

Price = £200 (legal recruitment site that also includes a blog devoted to vaping, cannabis and CBD laws and regulations) (legal recruitment site that also has a blog devoted to vape, cannabis and CBD laws and regulations).

Price = £200 (technology magazine includes a CBD and Vape section) (technology magazine with a CBD and Vape section)

Price = £100 (a fashion magazine with many different parts) (a fashion magazine with many different sections)

Price = £100 (forum) (forum)

Price = £50 (a software and B2B marketing site) (a software and B2B marketing site)

Price = £100

Backlinks to CBD or Vape Blogs

I can build backlinks to up to 3,000 CBD or Vape blogs with ridiculously high domain authority and data.

Here are some examples of blogs:

Price = =£750

Vape and CBD Shop Directories and Magazines with Banner Ads

I could run your banner ads on the sites listed below for a complete year. This is excellent for brand awareness and direct traffic. (Online CBD Magazine) (Online CBD Magazine)

The banner options are as follows: (Online Vape Magazine) (Online Vape Magazine)

The banner options are as follows: (Directory of CBD) (List of vape shops)

For the entire year, the cost is £250 per site.

Forum Posts

I could sign up for and post in over 10,000 prominent forums. This is a great approach to increase traffic to your website while also diversifying your backlinks. The forum list changes frequently since I am continuously adding new forums to my list.

Price = £400

Search Engine Indexing of Backlinks

I'll submit all of the backlinks to an indexer so that search engines can crawl and index them. To make everything appear as natural as possible, all backlinks are drip-fed to search engines.

Indexation = £300

How to Place an Order

If you wish to order specific services from the above list, please contact me through our contact page. You can reach me via Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype, email, or by completing a contact form.

If you wish to order the whole package, please check out and email me all of the necessary information.

What I'd like from you is 1) your website's URL (Mandatory)

2) Up to 50 keywords for which you want to rank (one per line, no commas or separators) (Mandatory)

3) If you want to submit your own writings as guest posts, you are more than welcome to do so. Publishing your own articles gives you the added benefit of being able to customise your anchor text. Otherwise, if I'm inserting a hyperlink into an existing article, I'll use an existing term from the piece as your anchor because I don't want to degrade the quality of each article by loading it with random keywords like "Buy CBD oil UK" or "Buy CBD Gummies Miami." If you give me your own pieces, please make sure they are at least 1,000 words long, 100% unique, written in the highest English possible, and not sales-driven (informative guides or reviews as opposed to a sales pitch). (Optional)

4) Please sign up for and and submit your listing through the 30-day package. Please let me know the name of your company so that I can improve your listing. Please make every effort to complete your listing as precisely and completely as possible. (Mandatory)

5) Banner advertisements (800x800px and 1800x1000px) (Mandatory)

6) Once the guest pieces are published, please link to them on your site/blogs and possibly add a "as featured in" area with all of the magazine, directory, and site logos. This will assist you in establishing trust with your clients. You should also distribute the guest pieces on social media to increase traffic and aid in search engine indexing.


You will receive a detailed report with the backlink urls once all of the job has been finished. The work will be completed in roughly a month by a team of ten workers.

Questions and Answers

My budget is significantly lesser. Can I purchase a smaller Package?

Without a doubt. You can simply select the services that you require. The prices are all listed.

Is this package OK for both vape and CBD sites?

Yes. This package is suitable for both CBD and vaping sites. The distinction between CBD and vape products is getting increasingly blurred, with many vape stores now selling CBD products and even having separate CBD product shelves.

Is this Vape and CBD SEO Bundle Secure?

Yes. This Hemp SEO kit has been tried and tested on numerous sites and has always worked flawlessly. All vape and CBD websites are housed on separate servers and have distinct IP addresses. The majority of the servers and IP addresses are located in the United Kingdom and the United States.

How frequently should I purchase this CBD SEO package?

I would recommend ordering it once a month.

Do you own all of the CBD and vape sites?

No. I have unique arrangements with these websites to upload information on their behalf. I make a cut for each site.

I do not wish to purchase the complete bundle. Can I purchase specific services?

Absolutely. Simply select the services that you require.

Will this Vape and Hemp SEO Service be effective for a new website?

Certainly. This SEO service works effectively with both new and established CBD and vape establishments.

Where are you based?

Our workforce is spread across the globe, including the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada.

My website is not available in English. Will your CBD SEO Service be beneficial to me?

Absolutely. This service is available in all languages. Of course, the articles' content would be in English, as this is our primary language.


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