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An ongoing series of wild and interesting places to visit if you like a little 'puff puff' - so be sure to check out our homepage for more!

Amsterdam has long been considered to be ‘The OG Stoner Hotspot’– the place to go to get high and let loose long before the decriminalization and legalization of cannabis started sweeping the globe (although the UK still isn't quite there of course!) Some Dutch coffee shops resemble Hobbit dens or space spacecraft, while others resemble minimalistic designer cafés or even popular restaurants.

The cannabis leaves on their front windows help you identify them (but not always). Don't be shocked if their websites don't mention soft drugs; they aren't permitted to market. They are, nevertheless, featured in Amsterdam guidebooks and the Amsterdam phone directory.

Surprisingly, according to the new cigarette smoking prohibition in bars and restaurants, you may only smoke cannabis at a coffee shop if it is not mixed with tobacco. Unless the coffee shop provides a separate cigarette smoking area where employees are not permitted. It is possible to smoke cannabis without using tobacco by using a bong (water pipe), a vaporizer, or a ready-made herbal joint.

Visiting a Dutch coffee shop is still considered a rite of passage for the numerous visitors who visit the city each year, but it can be rather daunting for many. Here's how to enjoy the city's beautiful marijuana safely. This local 420 guide to Amsterdam contains the greatest coffee shops in Amsterdam as well as information about cannabis in Amsterdam before you toke up, provided by a former coffee shop employee!

To consume cannabis in the Netherlands, you must be above the age of 18. Please do not click if you are under the age of 18. Similarly, please use care while smoking cannabis and avoid combining it with alcohol.

  • Basics of Amsterdam Cannabis

  • Dutch Weed: 101

  • First timers: What You Need To Know

  • The Best Coffeeshops in Amsterdam

  • Amsterdam Travelling Advice

It's a bit of a hazy area legally, particularly when it comes to growth. While fragrant cannabis vapours have lingered in Amsterdam's canals since the 1960s, marijuana was not decriminalised until the mid-1970s.

Large-scale pot plant production is still illegal today, even though an estimated 80-95% of all cannabis marketed and smoked in The Netherlands is also grown inside the nation. As of April 2019, the government was working to make the cultivation of Miss Mary Jane completely legal and to reduce illegal activities in the business.

Editor's note: In the Netherlands, a coffee shop is typically a café where cannabis is sold, but most locals refer to a cafe as a coffee shop (US/UK use) where you may purchase coffee and cake (no cannabis). The importance of space cannot be overstated.

"Right, but I only want to smoke a little pot," you may be thinking. "What information do I require?" Let's get right to it: here are the golden rules:

  • Although coffee shops are only permitted to sell items to those who are legally residing in the Netherlands, this legislation is not strictly enforced in Amsterdam.

  • To visit a coffee shop, purchase cannabis goods, or consume them, you need to be at least 18 years old.

  • Be careful to have your identification at all times; otherwise, you risk having services refused.

  • Five grams is the maximum quantity that may be purchased and kept in one's possession legally since this is the amount deemed appropriate for personal use.

  • You can smoke in public. (But be considerate of others!)

  • Smoking and rolling with tobacco are prohibited in many coffee shops. Tobacco substitutes may be provided.

  • Be chill and civil: don’t be a nuisance! Do not make any noise or create any disruption in the coffee shops or the surrounding area.

  • Coffeeshops close at 1 am.

  • Coffee shops do not serve alcohol.

  • Coffeeshop does not sell hard drugs. (Hard drugs are still illegal in the Netherlands.)

  • Cannabis cannot be taken out of the Netherlands with you under any circumstances.


Regardless of your tastes, Amsterdam offers something that will satisfy you. Whoever you are, whether you're a novice or a seasoned consumer, you'll be blown away by the variety of products that are on offer, which include flavors ranging from sweet to cheesy to tangy, sticky hash, crystal-laden buds, jellies, dabs, pre-rolls, pipes, bongs, vapes, oils, and delicious edibles.

A gram of marijuana or hashish typically costs around 10 euros, while a pre-rolled joint or space cake will run you approximately 6 euros on average.


The terms "Indica" and "Sativa" refer to the two most common varieties of cannabis. Because it produces more of a body high and leads to relaxation, smoking Indica is ideal for the evening. Sativa strains provide a high that is more pronounced in the brain, leading to mental stimulation and feelings of euphoria; these strains are ideal for times when creativity is needed. The majority of strains are a product of crossing these two types.

THC VS CBD In addition, cannabis contains two active components known as tetrahydrocannabinol (TCH) and cannabidiol (CBD), the percentages of which vary depending on the strain. Cannabis cultivated in the Netherlands typically contains an average of 15% TCH and 1% CBD. Related articles:

FIRST TIMER? HERE'S THE INFO YOU'LL WANT Having previous experience working in a coffee shop. I can't stress enough how important it is for you to pay attention to what your dealer has to say since they are very informed about the different kinds, the strength, the flavour, and the way to consume it, and they are there to assist you in achieving the ideal high.

First and foremost, you want to make sure that you are in a comfortable setting with individuals whom you can trust and that you are feeling well. After determining whether you want to get high in the mind, the body, or a mix of both, relax and take some time to enjoy your high of choice. If you decide to consume an edible, it is important to remember not to underestimate its potential potency. A secluded nook is frequently all that's required!

You should expect to begin experiencing feelings of relaxation, happiness, and perhaps some hunger pains (often known as the munchies!) in a short period. There is a possibility that your vision of the environment could be somewhat altered, and that your response time will be slowed down.

Sugar can assist give you a boost of energy if you are feeling like you have melted into the sofa or if you are feeling unusually lightheaded. You may want to give CBD products a go to "neutralize" the effects of the THC if you find that you are feeling too high to be comfortable. There is a possibility that some individuals may develop anxiety and paranoia.

It may take a few hours for the effects to wear off, so be sure to start gently and take your time, allow the effects to wash over you, and pay attention to how you are feeling. It may take a few hours for the effects to wear off. Keep in mind that increasing your consumption is always an option, unlike reducing it.

Editor Thomas suggests going on a cannabis tour in Amsterdam with a certified tour guide if you are coming to Amsterdam on your own or if you would want to use cannabis for the first time in a controlled environment with a group of other people. There is one tour in Amsterdam that has received positive reviews that serves as an excellent introduction to cannabis in Amsterdam. On this trip, an experienced guide will teach you all you need to know while also assuring your safety and providing you with food.


To the true stoners, may I extend a warm welcome to paradise? You guys need to have a lot of experience by this point and know when adding another bowl would be going too far. Having said that, there are a large number of potent strains that you will want to sample, and I strongly advise you to do some research online before going to ensure that you get the most out of your trip, taste the most exquisite strains, and don't get too lost while making your way from one coffeeshop to the next! - THE BEST COFFEESHOPS IN AMSTERDAM -

In Amsterdam, cannabis dispensaries are referred to as "coffee shops," and although they do sell sweet sensimilla, they also offer coffee. Yes, coffee is served alongside the sweet sensimilla. In a city with more than 250 coffee shops to select from, making a decision might be difficult; nevertheless, after spending my whole life in this city, I've developed a few preferences. You won't want to miss out on any of these cannabis stores in Amsterdam since they are some of the very finest and most distinctive establishments in the city.


There aren't many coffeehouses as old as the Tweede Kamer. It's little, charming, and tucked away in an unassuming corner. It has a stylish lounge design with leather furniture and a hardwood table.


Featured in the film "Oceans 11," the Original Dampkring is a shady cafe with a bad reputation. There's a cat and a big real bar where you can smoke joints; it's a relaxed, nice, creative atmosphere.


The 1E Hulp Cafe boasts a stylish and one-of-a-kind design that is furnished with oriental and Arabic characteristics. It also has comfy lounge seating and wonderful Moroccan teas. (If you love cats as much as I do, you should know that they have a sociable cat there.)


Coffeeshop La Tertulia is an organic coffee shop that is adorable and charming, and it has a pleasant and healthy vibe about it. It is situated in the canal neighbourhood and provides sitting both inside and outside. Additionally, there is a lovely mural outside that was inspired by Vincent van Gogh. BOERGENJONGEN

Boerenjongen is a super slick coffee shop with gorgeous marble counters, award-winning edibles, and pro weed connoisseurs. For a great experience, this is a must-visit. GREY AREA

The Grey Area is a dingy and cramped coffee shop that is famous for selling American-style strains of cannabis (and quantities such as eighths and quarters haha!) It is said to have played home to some of the most well-known stoners in the world. Snoop Dog loved it!


The Dolphins is a fun and laid-back coffee shop that has a one-of-a-kind environment with an undersea motif that is decorated with quirky and brightly coloured accessories.


It all depends on how high you are, what your hobbies are, and how motivated you are, but Amsterdam has a lot to offer stoner tourists. Taking a ride on The Smoke Boat or paying a visit to The Cannabis College or The Hash, Cannabis, and Hemp Museum are two other activities that are associated with marijuana usage.

You can also relax in one of the smoke-friendly cafes and bars, such as Cafe Hill Street Blues and CoffeeShop Amsterdam Cafe, after a day of exploring the city's plethora of parks, alleys, and canals; discovering its hidden gardens; visiting its many classic and contemporary museums; or enjoying a day of wandering through the city's many classic and contemporary museums. (Note to readers: Don't go to the Anne Frank House until you've had some time to sober up.)


Aside from cannabis, the use of every other narcotic is strictly prohibited. Weed is also sometimes referred to by the term marihuana. Psilocybin mushrooms, sometimes known as magic mushrooms, have been made illegal after several incidences, one of which resulted in the death of a visitor. Related articles:


- DO try all the incredible Dutch food when the munchies hit: stroopwafels, fries with mayo, poffertjes, cheese, and bitterballen!

- Don't mix alcohol and cannabis. If you’re trying out weed for the first time in Amsterdam, let the cannabis work its magic on its own. Mixing can be dangerous and it can increase the likelihood that you will get sick and/or blackout. Please be careful!

- Don't mix alcohol and cannabis. Allow cannabis to work its magic on its own if you're experiencing pot for the first time in Amsterdam. Mixing may be hazardous, increasing your chances of being unwell and/or passing out. Please be cautious! Research shows that Amsterdam weed is very strong: On average, it has 26% THC (the active ingredient), while cannabis marketed in the UK comprises just around 16%. So, if you're new to cannabis or are accustomed to weed with a low THC content, you should be cautious and ask coffee shop workers how much to smoke in how a long time. Don't listen to your grandfather, who last smoked weed in 1972.

Don't smoke too much too fast since the effects of cannabis may not be felt for 15 to 30 minutes. Eat something sweet, find a spot where you feel at ease, and attempt to relax or sleep if you've consumed too much Amsterdam cannabis.

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