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Berner & WeedMaps to Start Brand NEW Cannabis Social Media Platform

Berner & WeedMaps to Start Brand NEW Cannabis Social Media Platform @Berner415 & @WeedMaps have teamed up to start a brand NEW cannabis platform! November 12 2021.

It's coming! The brand new Weedmaps cannabis platform has just been officially announced, and it's going to be awesome! No longer will cannabis businesses and dispensaries remain in fear over being closed down and losing all their hard-work and wonderful 420 followers! More info to be added to this article as it becomes available so be sure to check back every so often! Brand New Cannabis Platform Coming From Weedmaps! WeedMaps tweeted: "A new cannabis-friendly social platform is coming together with @berner415. We're creating a space where cannabis brands, retailers, creators, and consumers alike can share and enjoy cannabis content more freely. The grass will be greener over here. Stay tuned" Exciting stuff! @Berner415 tweeted: "Are you sick or being silenced ?? Have you lost your account for posting weed ?? Don't worry … me &. @weedmaps have something special in the works. I think I speak for the whole industry when I say promoting new drops , flavours or just (cannabis) business in general has been a challenge on social media platforms… I’m extremely excited to show you guys what I have been working on with @weedmaps …. Our goal is to create a home for all of us that allows us to get back to normal, in real time and create a platform for cultivators , brands , connoisseur‘s and stores . A lot of us have lost our accounts, been shadow banned and have lost major momentum with our business, all that is almost over . We are gonna provide a home for all of us to share our journey and keep our Instagram for family and other business only . We shouldn’t feel like we are doing something wrong anymore…… @weedmaps it’s almost time for..."

Here's a full video on the 'Weedmaps x Berner415 Cannabis Social Media Platform:

The Brand New Weedmaps Social Media Platform! It's true that many voices are silenced in the cannabis community, especially on some existing social media giants such as Facebook and Instagram who shut down cannabis related pages and posts - sometimes without warning, destroying years of work in some cases and hindering real businesses from operating unless they have the esteemed 'Blue Verification Tick". For the moment, this brand new cannabis platform is shrouded in mystery so I guess we'll have to wait and see how it pans out, but Weedmaps have always put their things together well, with everything running smoothly right off the bat so I have huge expectations! Here's a full video on the 'Weedmaps x Berner415 Cannabis Social Media Platform:

Source: LMC. Weedmaps Social Media Platform on Reddit There's also a Reddit threat covering this topic if you are interested to find out more, here: which was posted by WeedmapsInvestorsClub! Find the UK Cannabis Community HERE. This article will be updated as more information is released so check back and share this with your friends!

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Linda Barnes
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