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ADHD Patients Turn to Cannabis Amid NHS Treatment Shortages

The rise of ADHD sufferers turning to cannabis for treatment, as the NHS struggles with medicine shortages.

Embracing Cannabis as an Alternative: A Ray of Hope for ADHD Patients Amid NHS Treatment Shortages

London, UK - The increasing demand for ADHD diagnosis and treatment in the UK has brought to light an inspiring trend of individuals seeking solace in cannabis as a means of self-medication. This choice is driven by the unfortunate unavailability of healthcare support through the National Health Service (NHS). The revelation of a 400% increase in the number of adults seeking ADHD diagnosis by the ADHD Foundation since 2020 serves as a testament to the growing acceptance of cannabis as a therapeutic option for those navigating the challenges of ADHD.

UK Medical Cannabis News - ADHD

A Beacon of Hope for Patients Amid NHS Shortages

The NHS, despite its best intentions, is grappling with a shortage of ADHD treatment options, propelling a heartening movement among individuals who are turning to cannabis for self-help. Formal medication options appear to be out of reach for many, pushing patients to explore alternative, more accessible avenues. Lengthy appointment wait times, which can extend up to an astounding five years, have been exacerbated by a significant rise in referrals.

The Soaring Demand for ADHD Diagnosis

ADHD is characterized by persistent difficulties in maintaining attention, hyperactivity, and impulse control issues. Astonishingly, 2.6 million people in the UK have received an official ADHD diagnosis, but an additional two million are believed to be living with the condition without ever receiving a diagnosis. This is primarily due to mistreatment and misdiagnosis by medical professionals who have not yet fully embraced the potential benefits of cannabis as a part of the solution.

ADHD Sufferer And UK Medical Cannabis Patient

Personal Stories: Rediscovering Freedom through Cannabis

Kris Witham's journey shines a light on the empowerment that cannabis offers to individuals battling ADHD. Diagnosed at the age of 29, Kris experimented with various traditional treatment methods, including Ritalin, Elvanse, Melatonin, and talk therapy, but none provided the relief he had hoped for. Unbeknownst to him, Kris had been self-medicating with cannabis since the tender age of 15, and he describes the impact of cannabis on his condition as "life-changing." Now, officially diagnosed at 30, Kris regularly incorporates medical cannabis into his treatment regimen, managing his symptoms more effectively and improving his quality of life.

The Legal Pathway for Cannabis-Based Medicines

In 2018, the UK took a significant step towards recognizing cannabis's therapeutic potential by permitting specialist doctors to legally prescribe cannabis-based medicines for those who could benefit from them. Kris's prescription includes customized cannabis flower strains imported from Canada, which he grinds and vaporizes three times a day. Companies like MaMedica, which supply Kris, are becoming instrumental in providing support that the NHS, due to its inherent limitations, is currently unable to offer.

man with adhd uses cannabis to self medicate


The surging demand for ADHD diagnosis and treatment necessitates a shift in perspective and policy within the NHS. By acknowledging cannabis as a viable alternative, healthcare providers can empower individuals with ADHD to explore all available treatment options. As we embrace cannabis as a potential solution, we have an opportunity to alleviate the suffering of those battling ADHD and provide them with the support they deserve.



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