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10 UK Cannabis Websites Worth Visiting! [UPDATED]

Love cannabis as much as we do? We've compiled a list of 10 cannabis websites and blogs you might not know about - each with its own reason to visit.

Don't forget to check out the High Committee full blog HERE!

1. Stay Medicated - Irelands First Legal Dry Vape Lounge

StayMedicated, run by NICannaGuy is Ireland's first legal dry vape lounge and runs an excellent informative UK cannabis blog, regularly updated with helpful information for both newcomers to cannabis and the more experienced. Absolutely worth checking out! + Follow 2K⋅ 2.3K ⋅12posts/quarterr

2. High And Polite - Your guide to living a healthy life with cannabis. are a personal favourite of mine. A full resource on UK cannabis news, guides and media. HighAndPolite Founder Jack Woodhouse uploads new UK cannabis articles daily - go check them out for plenty of interesting reads!

3. leafie - Cannabis Resource and UK CBD articles.

Leafie or 'leafie' as they prefer, is run by Liam O'Dowd and Kevin Dinneen. covering the latest UK CBD news, reviews and cannabis articles. Their tagline reads 'Cannabis, psychedelics and culture for the curious' which fits perfectly into what their website is all about. We find their content to be very up toup-to-date date, well written and relevant. Plenty of interesting articles and how-to guides! Follow 1.3K⋅ 565 ⋅4 posts / week

4. Cannabis Seeds UK | Cannabis Blog and seeds shop.

CSUK is focused on delivering an amazing range of high quality seeds at best value prices. Our commitment to everyday lower pricing is made possible because our customers don't want a complicated online experience when making their seed choices just value across an outstanding range. discountcannabisse..+ Follow

5. Dope Smoker | A personal blog from a UK cannabis advocate.

"I have travelled to some of the most prestigious weed destinations in the world, including Manali in India, and Nepal, and I have lived in 8 countries. I am a cannabis smoker and I'm pretty sure it's been a completely beneficial thing for me". This perfectly encompasses what Dope Smoker is all about. Go check them out! One of the best UK cannabis blogs we have seen! Follow 7K⋅ 2.3K ⋅6 posts / quarter

6. British CBD - A UK CBD shop with accurate UK cannabis news.

British CBD is a trusted UK based provider of lab-tested CBD products. The British CBD blog strives to provide the most accurate information on cannabis so that users can consider factors that can influence their buying decision.

588⋅1 post / year

7. The Extract - Cannabis news website.

Website with a British educational and news focus on cannabis and CBD that is also relevant to the broader community. They  work to inform the public about CBD and medical cannabis. We talk about medical cannabis and CBD news, benefits, and dosage for UK customers and businesses. Follow 9.1K⋅ 1.2K ⋅1 post / week

8. Healthy Stoner - A UK cannabis advocate.

"For too long 'stoners' have had an outdated reputation for being lazy, unmotivated, unfit and unhealthy. I don't subscribe to this view so decided to start a blog to challenge that tired old stereotype. I'm now cycling around the world and I'd love to meet up with people in different countries who enjoy the many benefits of weed in order to help me understand the cultural significance of weed for them" Another great resource from a seasoned cannabis user and writer. Well written, relevant and useful with an emphasis on cannabis and health. Follow 1.9K⋅ 652 ⋅ Oct 2013

8. Weed World Magazine - Education and guides on cannabis.

Weed Worlds mission is to educate and be a self-help guide to people who are suffering illnesses around the world, by teaching the true benefits of medical marijuana to help ease the pain mankind is needlessly enduring.

42.2K⋅ 4.1K⋅ 47.5K⋅1 post / week

9. iSmoke Cannabis Magazine - Blog, events and 420 related opinions.

iSmoke Magazine offer the latest news on UK cannabis: events, health, product reviews and opinion posts.

42.2K⋅ 4.1K⋅ 47.5K⋅1 post / week

10. The Hemp Club - UK based industrial hemp blog.

The Hemp Club specialise in impartial news and advice dedicated to the industrial hemp and cannabis space | Focusing on Regulatory Compliance Follow 1.7K ⋅20 posts / year

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Lucy Deveraux
Lucy Deveraux
Sep 25, 2022

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