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The Media Don't Tell The Truth - A Guide On Cannabis For Idiots, The Misinformed & The Brainwashed

The Media Don't Tell The Truth: A cannabis guide answering the most common statements made by those that are 'anti-cannabis': the misinformed, idiots, and the brainwashed. Let's talk FACTS.

The recent legalization of cannabis has highlighted the fact that there are still millions of people still holding a bigoted view on cannabis use. In light of this, I decided that now would be a good chance to provide a straightforward cannabis guide for those who require it. We've all heard people make the statements in this article at some point or another. You can't ignore the fact that cannabis is a natural part of the world, and its many health benefits are backed by science. In fact, the only way to argue for cannabis prohibition nowadays is through ignorance.

Here are some of the mad opinions sadly still floating about on the internet, many of which are also being made by UK newspaper outlets and politicians.

"Everyone is aware that cannabis causes lung cancer, which is just as harmful as smoking cigarettes."

No. This is entirely false; in fact, the reverse is true. In studies, people who only used cannabis had a lower risk of developing lung cancer than those who never smoked, - according to the largest research of its kind ever conducted in the US on this topic! Cannabis usage can therefore protect against cancer rather than cause it. For example, a more recent study found that those who use cannabis have a decreased incidence of bladder cancer.

“Cannabis usage will increase if it is legalized, and kids would have easier access to it”

No, it won't promote usage. You cannot stop young people from wanting to try new things. Real life is something we must face. Are we supposed to let criminal gangs manage the supply of cannabis - many times contaminated with pesticides and herbicides and God knows what else? Because that's the state of things right now. Cannabis is not a gateway drug, despite what you may have heard.

Or, when they are old enough, should we allow them to visit a legal, regulated dispensary where they may choose from a variety of age-restricted products, and be sold by the kind people who are knowledgeable about cannabis? Which option would you choose for your child?

After legalization, the black market won't disappear suddenly, of course, but this is the only way to begin shrinking it. Cannabis prohibition is a failed experiment. Right now, it’s criminal gangs supplying all the drugs – and much of that money is funding other crimes.

Any licensed cannabis producers must adhere to tight laws and regulations in the new legal Cannabis markets, such as Canada, in accordance with the revised Liberal Cannabis policy – and the same applies to the United Kingdoms' farms and clinics – prescription cannabis is heavily regulated.

“Legalizing cannabis will increase crime”

No. Studies suggest that using legal medical cannabis LESSENS crime. Additionally, the availability of medical cannabis has been correlated with a decline in suicides. Do you still think cannabis is bad? Perhaps someone brainwashed you.

“Cannabis makes people stupid – do you want to be stupid then?”

Good one.. Actually, it seems that cannabis promotes the development of new brain cells. The entire notion that humans should not be referred to as "dopes" is flawed. There are plenty of highly successful people in business and beyond that medicate with cannabis, and not all strengths even get you 'high' - for man,y it's about easing a symptom, not getting stoned.

“Alcohol is safer than cannabis"

No! Cannabis is GOOD for you! Cannabis functions as medication, especially if you ingest it raw, but alcohol is technically a poison for your body (more damaging than heroin). The truth is that many cancers may be prevented or even cured by cannabis, but alcohol can cause cancer. Alcohol is absolutely not good for you. Not to mention the people that drink too much and end up fighting all over city high streets every Friday night - or the thousands upon thousands of people it kills every year!

“But legalizing Cannabis will increase car accidents”

Actually, that is not what the facts show. The fact is that countries that have legalized medicinal cannabis have witnessed a decrease in road fatalities. Furthermore, a study published in the Deutsches Rzteblatt International, the official international scientific journal of the German Medical Association, discovered that 'patients who take cannabinoids at a consistent dosage over an extended period of time often develop tolerance to the impairment of psychomotor performance so that they can drive vehicles safely.'

Despite the contrary views, one of the noteworthy facts regarding cannabis is that UK traffic safety data does not reveal an increase in road deaths following cannabis legalization. In a study of collision fatality rates before and after cannabis legalization in Colorado and Washington, USA, and compared to eight other states, researchers from the University of Texas-Austin found no link between cannabis legalization and traffic death rates.

“But all this ‘medical cannabis’ stuff is just an excuse to get stoned”

Yes, many people believe this. What a stupid thing to say. Sure, some folks who aren't sick want to join in, but can you blame them? It is the most effective drug on the globe. Why shouldn't individuals be able to use it in any way they want?

If you have any doubts regarding the medical uses of cannabis, you should ask Charlotte Figi's parents. Kirsten Peskuski, for example. Alternatively, Emmanuel Guzman. It's also amusing that the US government opted to patent something that has no medicinal benefit, don't you think? And now there's tremendous money involved as well. The cat has escaped from the bag. Official trials on individuals with brain cancer have begun. Cannabis is an incredible medication. You can even purchase cannabis online.

“But Cannabis kills thousands every year”

This is just nonsense. Every year, pharmaceuticals kill thousands of people. Hundreds of thousands of people, to be exact. Cannabis has never killed anybody in recorded history. Look for recorded deaths caused by cannabis usage. You won't be able to since there aren't any. According to the DEA, cannabis is safer than ten potatoes. Yes, indeed. The UK and US have attempted unsuccessfully to create a couple of cases of cannabis poisoning now that legalization is imminent, but few believe the reefer madness nonsense any longer. Their tiny little20-person' 'study' was recently taken entirely out of context. The mainstream media cannot be relied upon to provide accurate information on cannabis.

“But Cannabis Prohibition Protects Our Children”

According to The Times, 1 in 15 of practically all UK Secondary School pupils used cannabis on a daily basis in 2011 - during prohibition. It has also been observed that there is virtually little variation in the rates at which teens use weed between states that have legalized it and those that have not.

“But Cannabis Causes Cancer”

Oh, does it? According to the book Cannabis Legalization: What Everyone Needs to Know, even heavy weed smokers do not consume as much cannabis as tobacco smokers do cigarettes. Yes, cannabis smoke includes carcinogens, but a 2006 National Institute of Drug Abuse research found "no relationship at all" between cannabis and cancer. After all, cannabis may be enjoyed in ways other than smoking.

“But Legalization Means More Abuse”

According to a study published in the journal Addiction by Columbia University researchers, there was no "associated increase" in cannabis abuse among young people after cannabis was legalized. Much additional research has shown similar results.

“But Weed is a gateway drug”

Nonsense. According to the Institute of Medicine, there is "no clear evidence that cannabis's pharmacological effects are directly connected to later misuse of other illegal substances."

Conclusion There isn't a human being alive that wouldn't benefit from incorporating cannabis into their lifestyle in one way or another. At the very least, take some full spectrum oil each day. It's good for you - and don't worry, it won't turn you into a lazy hippy or turn you into a monster.


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