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A Quest to Get High Without Taking Drugs

Updated: Oct 26

A Quest To Get High Without Taking Drugs
Natural Highs and Elevated States Discover the realm of getting high without drugs, as individuals explore cacao ceremonies, breathwork sessions, meditation, and other alternative methods for heightened consciousness, providing profound experiences of joy, connection, and self-discovery.

Exploring Non-Drug Methods for Heightened Consciousness

For years, I had engaged with psychedelics, including substances like ayahuasca, iboga, and mushrooms. While most of my experiences were positive, I eventually faced emotionally difficult trips that were challenging to recover from. Recognizing the need to take a break, I decided to explore other ways to elevate consciousness without using drugs. In this article, I'll share some of the creative methods I tried, their effects, and the science behind them.

“In the old psychedelic literature from the 60s, the whole point of psychedelics was to induce this common bonding feeling of love and peace.” — James Giordano

Cacao - Ancient Elixir for Altered States

Cacao Ceremony Immerse yourself in a traditional cacao ceremony, where participants experience the mood-boosting and heart-opening effects of cacao, a spiritual elixir with ancient roots.

Cacao, often associated with chocolate bars, has a history of use in spiritual ceremonies by ancient civilizations like the Omlecs, Mayans, and Aztecs. Today, many people from various

cultures continue to use cacao to elevate consciousness. During my drug-free period, I attended cacao ceremonies in Los Angeles and prepared cacao drinks myself.

Cacao contains phenethylamine, which can stimulate the release of dopamine, fostering feelings of bonding, togetherness, and affection. While it won't induce hallucinations, cacao can provide mood-boosting and energizing effects. I found that consuming cacao in the morning left me feeling happier and creatively inspired throughout the day.

Rapé - South American Tobacco for Mental Clarity

Rapé, a form of tobacco used in South American indigenous cultures, is inhaled through the nose. I found rapé to be the closest experience to psychedelics, bringing me a sense of calm, presence, and optimism. The effects, which last for a few minutes, may include increased energy, relaxation, and clarity of thought, attributed to the nicotine content in rapé. While it can be a mind-expanding tool, using it occasionally is advised, as it can be habit-forming in large quantities. Sponsored:

Breathwork - Directed Breathing for Emotional Processing

Guided Breathwork Session Engage in a guided breathwork session, where intentional and rhythmic breathing techniques can lead to emotional processing and a profound sense of inspiration.

Breathwork involves specific breathing techniques to alter one's state of mind. The intentional hyperventilation during breathwork leads to hyper-oxygenation of the brain, resulting in changes in consciousness. I've experienced a sense of a brighter future, daringness, and inspiration after breathwork sessions, which also helped me process emotions.

Breathwork should be done under the guidance of a facilitator to ensure safety and avoid side effects like dizziness or tingling. For me, breathwork has been a powerful tool for emotional release and gaining new insights.

Exploring Cervical Orgasms - A Path to Altered States?

Exploring Cervical Orgasms Join an exploration of cervical orgasms, a fascinating theory suggesting a connection with psychedelic states, sparking interest in a realm of self-discovery.

The theory that cervical orgasms release DMT intrigued me. While there is no scientific evidence supporting this claim, some anecdotal experiences suggest similarities between cervical orgasms and DMT trips. To achieve a cervical orgasm, a calming environment, feelings of safety, and ample foreplay are crucial.

Though I didn't achieve a pure cervical orgasm, the combined cervical/clitoral orgasm provided a profound sense of refreshment and calmness. While the psychedelic state wasn't evident, I plan to continue exploring this phenomenon.

Baths with Ayahuasca Music - Revisiting Psychedelic States

Psychedelic Music Journey Embark on a mesmerizing auditory voyage with psychedelic music, reminiscent of the mind-expanding tunes that once accompanied your DMT and psychedelic experiences, unlocking new dimensions of consciousness.

I experimented with mixing a drop of ayahuasca meant for micro-dosing into my bathwater while listening to ayahuasca music. Though unlikely to absorb ayahuasca through the bathwater, I experienced an activation of a part of my brain associated with past ayahuasca ceremonies. The conditioning effect, similar to Pavlov's dogs, contributed to this experience. The ice bath may have also played a role in releasing endogenous opioids, leading to positive feelings.

The Frequency Machine - A Modern Approach to Altered States

Frequency Machine Experience Experience the intriguing world of frequency machines, like the Qi Coil, that claim to induce altered states through sound therapy and magnetic waves, offering new avenues of consciousness exploration.

The Qi Coil, a frequency machine, claims to emulate the effects of psychedelics using sound therapy and magnetic waves to stimulate specific brain areas. While the science behind it lacks peer-reviewed research, my experience with the Qi Coil left me feeling euphoric and objective, akin to MDMA rather than ayahuasca.


Exploring various non-drug methods to elevate consciousness has been a fascinating journey for me. Techniques like cacao, rapé, breathwork, cervical orgasms, baths with ayahuasca music, and the Qi Coil have provided unique and powerful experiences without the risks associated with psychedelics. Whether I return to psychedelics or not, I'm grateful to have these alternative options for personal growth and exploration.

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