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What is Cancard?

A Cancard is a medical ID card that the police recognise. It is a verified sign that you are using cannabis for medical purposes to any outsider.

There is currently no way to check a person is using medicine legitimately before it causes mental discomfort and wastes resources. Cancard has been joined by tens of thousands of people to promote their consumption.

Cancard Address:


Floor three

86 to 90 Paul Street

London EC2A 4NE

Cancard email:

Cancard contact tel: 0333 443 4433


The UK's Cancard programme informs police that you use cannabis to treat a medical ailment that makes you eligible for a private prescription.
On their website, you can apply for the Cancard programme.

To obtain a medical cannabis card, you must present your ID and Summary Care Record.

A Cancard is NOT a free pass for purchasing and smoking cannabis obtained illegally in the UK.

You can be qualified for a medical cannabis card if you are awaiting your medical cannabis prescription or have not yet had a consultation with a specialised physician. What the Cancard programme is and when you might want to participate are covered in this article.

In the UK, do I require a medicinal cannabis card?
Obtaining a medical cannabis NHS prescription is challenging. Only a small number of persons in the UK satisfy the tight requirements to obtain cannabis for medical purposes.

But more than 6,000 people have private prescriptions for medical cannabis . This indicates that many more people are affected by their ailments and are without the necessary access to treatment.

In addition, the NHS will only recommend medical cannabis for two types of epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and chemotherapy-related nausea. As a result, a lot of people who suffer from terrible ailments that aren't on this list are left without the relief that UK medical cannabis can offer.

Additionally, it's believed that 1.4 million people in the UK use "recreational" cannabis to lessen their symptoms. Because of the lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic, there was an increase in cannabis-related arrests as police resources were diverted from other crimes.

Parents of children with epilepsy who couldn't get a prescription or were waiting for their permission were detained. The Cancard programme was established in 2020 as a result of Carly Barton, the organization's director, bringing this matter to the Police Federation.

Describe the Cancard programme.

Cancard is a membership programme that confirms a person is using cannabis for medical purposes and that they are either awaiting a prescription or are currently unable to obtain one.

It is not a pass to avoid going to jail. However, having this card enables law enforcement officials to exercise discretion and refrain from making cannabis possession arrests. For you to be eligible for the programme, you must meet certain requirements.

How do you use Cancard?
Despite having a qualifying ailment, it is estimated that 73% of patients cannot afford a medical cannabis prescription. Police should have discretion when dealing with individuals who are found to be in possession of cannabis or who are cultivating cannabis for their own personal medical use.

Cannabis, especially medical cannabis flowers, remain a Class B substance, and smoking it is prohibited in the UK.

In the UK, some 30,000 persons are Cancard holders, according to the police. This figure will probably increase.

What does a Cancard cost?
The annual cost of a Cancard is £29 This is billed to cover the scheme's operating expenses. If you are eligible for membership but cannot pay this cost, you should speak with Cancard directly.

How can I obtain a medicinal cannabis card?
If your illness qualifies you for a private medical cannabis prescription, you can apply for a Cancard. Because not everyone can afford private healthcare, this card is available without a private prescription.

Then, you must submit an application for the programme via the Cancard website and include:

IDs with photos, like a passport or driver's licence

  • You're NHS number

  • Name, address, and phone number of the doctor

  • Your Care Summary Record

  • The eligibility for the card is then determined by looking over these details.

If you currently have a private medical cannabis prescription, you might still want to apply for the programme in case you ever get pulled over by the authorities. It can also aid in removing any stigma associated with consuming cannabis for medical purposes.


Cancard uses

A Canard may also be useful if you are a caregiver for someone who has one of the qualifying conditions. The programme provides carers' cards, which are especially helpful for parents of children with epilepsy. Carrying the medication that lessens seizures for your child when you don't need a prescription yourself carries a risk because all medications should be kept out of the reach of youngsters.

For both individuals who already have a private prescription and those who are still unable to purchase one, the carers card helps lower this risk.

What to do in the event of a search and stop?

Keep your composure if you are stopped and searched while carrying a Cancard, and hand the card over to the policeman as soon as you can.

prescriptions for cannabis for personal use

It is always preferable to consume medicinal cannabis that has been recommended by a specialist rather than obtaining it illegally. This will imply that the cannabis you are consuming is of the medical grade necessary to meet your needs. Schedule a remote consultation with a professional at the Medical Cannabis Clinics right away if you're seeking for a simple, quick, and economical way to obtain a legal medical cannabis prescription in the UK.

It can be worthwhile to get and carry a medical cannabis card if you receive a diagnosis from your doctor for a disease that makes you eligible for UK medical cannabis . Remember that while holding this card alerts authorities to use their discretion, it does not shield you from prosecution if you are found possessing illegal cannabis.

The stigma associated with using a private medical cannabis prescription might also be lessened by carrying a medical cannabis identification card. It is always preferable to utilise cannabis that has been prescribed for you rather than purchase it illegally.


How can I obtain a Sativex prescription?
One of the two medical cannabis products with a licence goes by the name Sativex. In the UK, specialised private doctors can write you a prescription for a variety of ailments. Prior to your appointment, you must schedule one with one of the Medical Cannabis Clinics. The doctors will then review your medical history. At your consultation, you will then be able to discuss how your disease is affecting your life and ask any questions you may have. Your doctor will prescribe Sativex if it is the best option for your circumstances; you will then need to place an order for it from a certain pharmacy. Your GP cannot prescribe Sativex, however they may recommend you to an NHS physician if you meet specific requirements. Sativex can be obtained more quickly and easily from a private facility like the Medical Cannabis Clinics.

Cancard: Is it legit?
Together with the police, physicians, and patients, the Cancard programme was created. You must have gotten a diagnosis for a qualifying ailment from your doctor in order to obtain the card, which features a holographic image of you. You will be eligible for a medical cannabis card in the UK if you are eligible for a private medical cannabis prescription. The card is not required if you have a private prescription, although it may be a good idea to carry one if you do.

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